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Common Complaints Chiropractors Observe

By Debra Rodzinak

The spine is a remarkable part of our bodies. The intricacies involved in the makeup of the spine are astounding: Bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles all working together to provide our body the ability to move in any direction. However, when this delicate network suffers injury or wears down over time, terrible pain and even debilitating disability can occur. Movement can also impact the spine. 

Those who seek help from a chiropractor often suffer from several common injuries to the spine.

Twisting Motions

The most common reason that pain occurs near the spine has nothing to do with the bones of the spine, but rather the muscles and ligaments that wrap around the spine. When the muscles or ligaments that support the spine are stretched too far from a twist, the area becomes inflamed causing severe pain. 

Simple day-to-day activities like bending over to pick up a grocery bag or swinging a golf club can suddenly lead to a muscle or ligament becoming stretched. This stretched area can become inflamed, which leads to a back spasm.

One successful way to treat this type of condition is with chiropractic treatment followed by an application of ice and heat, alternating between the two every half hour or so. The expert doctors at The Joint are familiar with lower back pain and with you can develop a treatment plan to deal with this intense pain.

Disc Herniation

Many times, people speak of their lumbar region. The lumbar spine is the lower back and is constantly in motion. The lumbar carries the weight of the entire upper body. This constant weight presses on the lumbar and causes the lumbar to be particularly prone to injury. 

The two lowest discs in the spine endure the most punishment and are the most likely to become herniated. When a disc becomes herniated, it bulges out from between the spine and can cause pain to radiate down the leg to the foot.

The chiropractors at The Joint can evaluate your pain and determine the best course of action for those who complain of pain in the lower back or down the leg. Many times, surgery can be avoided if dealt with early.

Cartilage Breakdown

Spinal osteoarthritis is a common condition for people who often perform repetitive motions in their jobs. The facet joints of the spine become inflamed and friction wears away the cushiony cartilage that sits between the vertebrae of the spine. As the deterioration increases, back pain increases, and the motion and flexibility the spine once had is gone.

If you believe you may have deterioration of the cartilage in your spine, visit the expert doctors at The Joint today for an evaluation of your condition. 

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