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Chiropractic Therapy for Rock Climbers

By Genevieve Smith

Rock climbing is an invigorating sport and a way to experience the wild while exploring the world. The activity demands flexibility, endurance and strength, particularly in the back, hips, arms and shoulders. While it can be exciting to push oneself and climb to greater heights on a regular basis, overuse injuries are a risk to rock climbers. Chiropractic can help prevent injury, as well as reduce recovery time.

Common Injuries and How Chiropractic Can Help

Repetitive strain and overuse are common causes of rock climbing injuries. Overuse damages emerge when a series of small, unhealed injuries accumulate over time. These micro-traumas create a weakness which can can impact how efficiently a climber moves. Chiropractic therapy targets efficient body mechanics and injury prevention. Bone and joint manipulations are performed to relieve stiffness and pain. Chiropractors key into muscles, tendons and ligaments with various treatments to encourage soft tissue healing. In the pursuit of efficient movement, chiropractors turn to rehabilitative efforts. While it may be hard to take a break from climbing, one may have to briefly press the pause button while allowing injuries to heal, to encourage joint stability and full rehabilitation. Embrace the climb again once all pain subsides, and you have a return of full strength and range of motion.

Tips to Prevent Injury

  • Take rest days - To prevent overuse injuries, your body must have time to repair itself. This is crucial. If micro-traumas don't have time to heal, an area of over-use will only weaken and become further injured over time.
  • Cross train - Engage in other muscle-building activities that target areas not strengthened by climbing. Consider yoga and pilates, bike riding, swimming and weightlifting.
  • Don't over grip - Using more energy than is necessary to hold onto a ledge unneccessarily tires your muscles out and increases the risk of injury. 

Rock climbing is a fantastic way to stay fit and keep exploring. It tunes one into the outdoors, but this should not be at the hands of tuning out one’s own complex musculoskeletal structure! Overuse injuries emerge from a series of micro-traumas which never had the time to heal, and result in inflammation, irritation, pain and weakening of the affected area. Allow yourself to take a break and receive therapy. Try the chiropractic method with the team at The Joint. With over 380 locations nationwide, The Joint attracts skilled and passionate chiropractors ready to work into your healthcare routine.

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