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For Chronic Pain, Try the Chiropractor

By Paul Rothbart 

Pain is just a part of life that must be accepted. Injuries, both minor and severe, cause pain and hurt while they're healing. There are headaches, stomach aches, and toothaches to contend with. With some treatment, time, and perhaps medication, the pain eventually goes away. But chronic pain is a different story. It keeps coming back. It's distracting, worrisome, and maybe debilitating. Chronic pain indicates an underlying problem that must be dealt with. This is where chiropractic care may be the answer.

Causes of Chronic Pain

The physical ailments that cause chronic pain can occur due to your lifestyle. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition can create issues that are painful. The body needs to be active or muscles atrophy and bones can lose density. The immune system suffers when it doesn't have the right nutrient.  Insufficient or low-quality sleep and poor posture are also common culprits when it comes to pain. Spending time with unnatural curves in the spine and joints can cause subluxations and other issues that will continually hurt.

The Problem With Medication

Medication has its place in treatment but it's only a temporary fix. It's useful when recovering from surgery or an injury. But pain killers only mask chronic pain. It's still there even when you can't feel and when the meds wear off, you will hurt again. This can lead to a dangerous situation where you keep taking pain medications far beyond recommended dosages. It can lead to addiction and serious health conditions. You may also be severely injured by overworking a body part because you don't feel the pain.

The Chiropractor

When it comes to getting to the root of chronic pain, chiropractic may be your best option. A chiropractor is trained to perform an examination to find compressed discs and subluxations in the spine and joints. These common causes of pain are then adjusted. Chiropractic care involves no drugs or invasive procedures. It treats the body as a whole, getting every part to function together the way they are designed to. The result is often a more mobile body, with full range of motion in the joints, and relief of that pain that wouldn't go away. Many patients find that they also sleep better as a result of chiropractic visits. That will also help the pain to go away.

Pain is going to happen, make no mistake about that. But chronic pain shouldn't be overlooked as it indicates problems. Consider a visit to The Joint Chiropractic. You don't need an appointment and you may find that seeing a chiropractor regularly helps you to manage pain and not hurt all the time.

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Champaign, Ill.

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