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Your Body's Natural Detox

By Sara Butler

You hear a lot about detoxes and ways to cleanse your body. The problem with undergoing a detox or a cleanse is they aren’t necessary because your body does it for you. Sure, it pays to watch what kinds of things you have in the environment around you since there are real dangers in heavy metals and other toxins, but your body will rid you of those things naturally. Here are the organs in your body that are your all-natural toxin defenders!

Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and its first line of defense. It helps your nervous system to orient to the environment you’re in and also helps you to control your body temperature. It also performs excretion and secretion functions. It’s a major player in your natural detoxification system.

Your skin stops harmful things from entering your system, and it also initials chemical and hormonal responses when something is trying to invade. That means if something does slip past the barrier of your skin then the other natural defense systems of your body are ready for it.

Your Respiratory System

Your lungs and your airway tubes or bronchioles make up your respiratory system. They are key players in the detoxification of your body since they rid your body of carbon dioxide. They also produce phlegm that can bind to harmful compounds and expel them from your body.

Your Kidneys

Your kidneys act as a giant filter for your body and work to purify your blood from toxic substances such as medications, alcohol, and artificial colorings – just to name a few. The main way your kidneys eliminate toxins is through excretions to your urinary tract.

Your Intestinal Tract

What goes in should come out, right? You may think your intestines are only for digestion, but they do much more than that. They transform the food you eat into molecules your cells can use to repair, grow and work correctly. Once that process is done, then the toxins and other nutrients are sent to your liver where the toxins are dumped out through bile.

Anything else left over will exit your body the old-fashioned way, through the colon.

Your Liver

Your liver is the big daddy of natural detoxification. It filters blood that passes through it from the intestinal tract before it is sent out to the rest of the body. It also metabolizes drugs through changing them into things that can be safely excreted.

Your liver defends your body through filtering out bacteria, viruses, fungi and even cancer. That’s why taking care of your liver is very important for your health!

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