Why is Core Muscle Strength Beneficial?

By Sara Butler

When it comes to the health of your back, your core muscles are pretty darn important. This group of muscles in your abdomen is the link between your upper and lower body; many movements you go through every day originate from these muscles. If they’re weak they can cause other muscle groups, such as the muscles in your back, to pick up the slack – and that’s a recipe for injury and back pain. So, what are the benefits of working on your core? Here are a just a few!

It’s All Connected

It’s important to understand just how your core can impact the rest of your body. Because of the placement of these muscles in the center of your body, they are an important link in your body’s chain or motion. If they are inflexible or weak, then it can affect not just your back but your arm and leg function, too.           

Building up your core properly gives your whole body more power and enhances the stability and balance of your body. So, it can help you to prevent injuries and falls in nearly all activities, from sports to household chores.

Everyday Benefits of a Strong Core

When you think about the ways in which a strong core can impact your life there are a few things you might be missing. A strong core has an impact on:

  • Everyday tasks – Whether it’s bending over to tie your shoes, leaning over to scoop up your pet or even turning your torso to look at what is behind you, your body is relying on your core to be strong in order to complete these tasks. These are things you may not notice since they are so mundane, but if you become injured due to a weak core you will definitely notice how painful or difficult these everyday tasks can be.
  • Job Tasks – If you have to do a lot of twisting, lifting or even just standing over the course of your work day you are relying on your core more than you may know. But other tasks at work, including sitting at a desk, typing at your computer or talking on the phone, also engage your core. If you have poor posture and aren’t engaging your core during these tasks you might notice your neck and back are stiff and sore at the end of the workday.
  • Sports and exercise – No matter what you like to do in order to stay active, you need to make sure you’re engaging your core as you do it. You need flexibility and strength in your core to stay away from injury and do your very best.

If you need some tips on how to work on your core muscle strength and flexibility, your chiropractor is an excellent resource!

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