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Food Myths That Need to Expire

By Sara Butler

Food is a part of everyday life. So, it makes sense that something that is so a part of everyone's day is also connected with a lot of misinformation. In fact, there are some food myths out there that range from silly to downright scary. Here are a few things about food that you may have thought were true but are actually myths you need to let expire.

Food Myth No. 1: Cage-Free Eggs Are More Humane

Many people think that cage-free eggs mean that the hens were allowed to flitter about outside and basically enjoy their little chicken lives as they lay eggs, but that's not the truth. The truth is that cage-free simply means they can roam in some sort of open area, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have access to the outside. They're simply not kept in a cage, so it seems like a bit of a deceiving way to classify eggs if you care about the treatment of the chickens they come from.

Food Myth No. 2: You Can Tell Food Is Safe by How It Looks

If you thought you could sniff out bad food or tell something isn't great simply by how it looks, then think again. The things that can make you sick that linger on food, such as Salmonella or E. coli, don't make food look or smell any different. It's best to follow safe food handling and cooking instructions if you want to make sure your food doesn't make you sick.

Food Myth No. 3: American Cheese Slices are Cheese

You would think if it's called cheese, then it's cheese, right? Not if you're buying plastic-wrapped slices of cheese. These types of pre-packaged slices are technically a cheese product. It basically takes cheese that has already been made and mixes it with preservatives, emulsifiers, and salt to make the cheese product. Not the healthiest option on the planet.

Food Myth No. 4: Salmon Is Pink

Salmon is famously pink when served in restaurants. While it is true that wild salmon are pick, picking up that coloring from the krill and shrimp in their diet much like a flamingo, farmed salmon isn't the same. In fact, salmon raised on a farm for your consumption is often gray or white. Farmers will add pigment to the food they feed the fish in order to give it that signature salmon pink coloring.

Remember these facts so that you can remove them from your diet dictionary!

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