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Old Wives' Tales That May Actually Work

By Genevieve Cunningham

Old wives’ tales are a lot of fun. Even if they’re not all true, they can be fun to listen to and discuss. Heartburn for a pregnant mother means a head full of hair for baby. Eating a late night snack means bad dreams. Playing in the fire means you’ll wet the bed. While these probably sound silly (because they are!), other tales might actually have a little truth to them. Take a look at these old wives’ tales that are actually true and can help to keep you healthy.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This is a wives’ tale that is ancient and well known. And as it turns out, it’s also true! While eating an apple won’t truly keep you from ever seeing a doctor, it can help to keep you well. Apples stimulate digestion, which is where the immune system mostly functions and where many germs lay waiting. By cleansing this system, it also removes these germs and allows the immune system to do its job, which then leaves you healthier overall.

Chicken Soup Fights a Cold

This is a tale that may seem a bit like broscience, but it really works. Chicken soup, or rather the ingredients in the broth, help to clear out the sinuses and fight germs. If you feel a cold coming on, just heat up some chicken soup (from a can or homemade if you’re lucky!) and sip all night long. Add a little garlic and you’ll be giving that cold a double whammy.

Letting Kids Play in the Dirt Keeps Them Healthy

You may have heard a random mother tell their kid to go outside and play. Get dirty. Run. And when that child comes back inside covered in dirt, you may have heard them say that a little dirt will do them some good. This actually has some truth to it. While no mother wants their child to walk around looking filthy, a little dirt can actually boost the immune system. Kids who are allowed to play outside and get in the midst of normal germs may have a leg up. This exposure may help to jumpstart the immune system, making the child resistant to some germs and keeping them healthier overall.

Not all old wives’ tales are true, but a few are both true and incredibly effective. Before following this old advice, it’s best to do some research of your own. But chances are good that following what your mother told you is decent advice. If you want to be healthy and live a life of productivity, listen to your mother, ask for guidance from a doctor, and pick and choose the healthy advice that works for your body and life.

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