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Living Chiropractic: A Philosophy for Well-Being

By Chris Brown

After experiencing the magic of the chiropractor's office, one might start to wonder if there's more to chiropractic than physically manipulating the joints and spine. Upon deeper investigation into the chiropractic theory of offices like The Joint Chiropractic, I've found there are life lessons to be gleaned from chiropractic that extend well beyond the chiropractor's table.

See the Interconnectedness of Everything

In chiropractic, there is a belief that everything in the body is interconnected. For example, a pain in the arm could be caused by a pinched nerve along the spinal column. Much of mainstream medicine's limitations come from their refusal to evaluate medical conditions as a whole. Instead, they focus too much on the specific area of pain or injury.

Similarly, the chiropractic philosopher might see the world as more interconnected, and realize their place within that interconnectedness. Buddhism teaches that there is no singular self, but we are instead part of a greater network of energy. Understanding that your significance is as a piece of a much larger universal puzzle can bring about peace, compassion, and overall mental health.

Natural Form Over Human Intervention

Chiropractic's spinal manipulations work off the belief that the body naturally heals itself if optimized by physical corrections. Mainstream medicine often tried to correct rather than support the body's natural healing, by deploying invasive surgeries or addictive medications. However, time and again, we know that human intelligence is infant compared to the wisdom of nature. This is no more evident than the novel-length list of potential side effects on every medicine bottle.

In the real world, too much human intervention tends to always similarly worsen a process or system. Our hubris continually reveals the complexity of nature's long evolutionary intelligence. Just look at the human impact upon the climate, for instance. By adopting a philosophy of appreciating nature, and the mysterious natural process, we can release a lot of the pressure to control our environments and make us kinder, more compassionate people.

Proper Structure Is Necessary for Proper Function

Optimized mobility and health, for chiropractors, starts first with optimized posture. This is why correcting spinal dysfunctions is so elementary in chiropractic. A dysfunctional spine alters the gait unnaturally, which causes certain muscles and tendons to overcompensate and injure. The chiropractor knows the importance of this base spinal structure for preventing injuries and undue bodily wear.

Similarly, this honoring of the base level is useful for accomplishing any lofty goals. While paths often change, making a plan with a strong foundation gives it a basis for successful execution in the end.

Take Control Over Your Destiny

Particularly at The Joint, chiropractic patients control their healthcare and collaborative treatment in ways often unappreciated by mainstream medicine. This philosophy of self-control and responsibility can be transferred to other areas of life. Taking self-responsibility is a valuable skill that requires introspection and self-growth and, in fact, is the source cause of most healthy mental growth.

Once you have bettered your mental health through chiropractic philosophy, come by The Joint Chiropractic for the real deal. A walk-in, insurance-free adjustment at The Joint can make all the difference on your daily experience of life.

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Springfield, Mo.

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