Keeping Your Windows Clean Can Hurt

By Tom Herrin

You may be a neat freak, or you might just like for things to look good.  Whichever describes you, it may take a little elbow grease to clean the windows of your home, even if  you only have a few. And you'll want to be in optimum condition with all the stretching and bending that entails. That means having a spine that doesn't have any restrictions and allows for full range of motion -- something you can get from a chiropractor. Now, when I say it's going to take a little elbow grease to clean a few windows, it may be just a little, but it doesn’t take much to create a condition where you experience pain.  It may seem like a trivial amount of work, but repetitive use injuries are common and can be caused by a variety of things.  The problem is that when you develop a backache, for example, it can be pretty uncomfortable.  If that happens to you, a chiropractor can be your best source of relief.

Repetitive Use Injuries Can Come Out of Nowhere

Injuries may happen when you least expect them.  Even though you may feel like you have not exerted anything to your knowledge, they can sneak up on you.  I dug some fence post holes one year.  I would go outside and dig one or two at a time with a hand auger.  All I did was turn the auger for a few minutes and I would have a hole big enough.  I did a little each day.  I thought it was no big deal.  The next thing I knew, I had an injury that I really felt in a big way.  I couldn’t imagine where the pain and inflammation had come from until I backtracked my activities when I went for treatment.

The Common Causes Are Slight

When you use something over and over again, you place some overuse of the muscles that carry out the activity as well as those that support your spine.  You may be totally unaware that there is any effect on your spine, but that overuse can cause a slight joint dysfunction.  When this happens, pressure is applied on a nerve.  I don’t have to tell you what that causes.  You know it is painful.  It will probably cause an aching pain that may not be all that sharp but is still bothersome.

You Are In Luck With A Chiropractor

A few very good things can happen when you go to a chiropractor for treatment.  One is that they will treat you without medication  Another is that they will treat you with as many natural methods as possible.  If it is necessary, they will suggest some exercises that can help strengthen and support your body.  At The Joint Chiropractic, they are expert at relieving your pain.  They have hours and days that work with your schedule.  No insurance is required, no appointments are necessary.  If cleaning those windows caused you pain, drop-in at The Joint Chiropractic today to get some relief.

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic.

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