Can Your Back Go the Distance When Commuting?

By Tom Herrin

Plenty of people commute these days.  It has become a way of life.  Sometimes being behind the wheel for such long periods of time can wreak havoc on the body, the back in particular.  The efforts to have the job someone wants and still live where it suits them can put quite a distance between people and their work.  The tension and long periods of sitting with little motion can result in some major chronic back problems.  When this happens to you, leave the medicine chest alone and visit a chiropractor.

Driving Can Seem Like A Torture Chamber

When the muscles are confined to limited movement for long periods of time, they suffer from lack of a good supply of oxygen.  They lose their ability to provide proper support for the body, particularly the joints.  With poor support, the joints may be put under strain.  The stress may lead to what is called a joint dysfunction.  When this happens, pressure is applied to a nerve.  This results in pain.  With no free movement, the pain tends to last.  As both muscles and joints suffer, the pain only intensifies.  This situation is complicated even more for truck drivers who may do a certain amount of lifting as well.  

A Chiropractor Can Provide Relief

When joints are injured, chiropractors can help.  They usually do something to massage the muscles in the area of injury.  This allows the joints to be able to move more freely.  They may follow this with an adjustment where they gently manipulate the joint back into its proper position.  This provides relief as the pressure on the nerve is removed.  If this situation has happened for quite a while, it may take follow-up treatments to ensure the joint is properly repaired.

Regular Chiropractic Can Mean A Healthier Lifestyle

Most people are pleasantly surprised with the effects of the natural treatment from a chiropractor.  The opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle is pretty appealing.  Regular visits to a chiropractor can make this a reality.  For truck drivers, this can make or break a career.  At The Joint Chiropractic, they have plans that can meet the needs of all people.  No insurance is needed, no appointments are necessary.  With more than 370 locations nationwide, they are never far away wherever you may commute.  Get rid of that pain today at The Joint Chiropractic.

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic.


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