Some Natural Things Can Improve Your Health: No Cost

By Tom Herrin

There is always a lot of talk about natural, but sometimes when it comes down to it, the cost is prohibitive.  For people searching for something natural to use to improve their health, they may need to look no further than out the window.  In today’s world, that alone may a little more difficult than it used to be; so many buildings are designed so that it may seem almost impossible for anyone to look out a window at all that it may pose a few challenges.  Some types of buildings, however, have gone back to those basics that once were a staple in designs.  Anything allowing people to get more sunlight may be a step in the right direction.  It once was a part of most people’s lives, and they may have had fewer problems because of it.

It Can Start The Day Right

Allowing sunshine in first thing in the morning can do a great job of waking people up and helping them to be able to work.  Melatonin is what the body produces that tells it that it is dark and time to sleep.  Sunshine can effectively turn the production of this off.  This can allow people to feel awake and more energized.  It can be much more effective than any alarm clock.

It Can Put You In A Better Mood

Most people have probably experienced the effects of sunshine on their mood without actually realizing why.  Sunshine can boost the body’s production of serotonin, which is what makes people feel happy.  Combining this with a little exercise such as a walk, jog, or bike ride, can produce additional results for many people.  Unless you are a dedicated grouch, you are sure to enjoy these benefits.

It Can Help Your Heart

Even though people need to be careful with UV rays, the right kind of exposure can release nitric acid, which helps to lower blood pressure.  It is common knowledge that this can reduce heart attacks and strokes.  Studies have also shown that increased levels of Vitamin D can have a similar benefit.  That becomes a double whammy for health perks.  If you are one of those who is looking for the right thing to add to improve your health, take a look outside.  Sunshine may be waiting for you to open a window or go out and play.  It is one of those few things that is still free.

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