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4 Lower Body Stretches to Do Before Bed

By Brandi Swieter  

Restless legs syndrome is common among many people. It can make it difficult to sleep at night as the legs are not only feeling restless, but sometimes sore and uncomfortable beyond what is bearable. Stretching out the lower body before heading to sleep can help a great deal. Even those who don’t deal with the syndrome yet sometimes experience leg cramps that wake them can try a few stretches and exercises to help.

Seated Forward Bend

People can perform this stretch right from their beds. Simply extend the legs with the feet pointing upward. Slowly extend the body forward until it is parallel with the legs. Grab the feet and lower the head as close to the legs as possible for a full stretch. Do not go this far if it hurts, and instead stop in a position that feels comfortable while still giving that tugging stretch to the legs and back.

Wide Squat

An excellent option for showering before bed, the wide squat works wonders as the water pours over the body and offers a simultaneous massage. It greatly helps to open up the hips and stretch out the lower body as well as the back. Keep the feet apart and squat down so your bottom is nearly touching the shower floor. Plant the hands on the floor in front of you for stability.

Quad Stretch

The quad stretch is one of the easiest to do as long as a person can keep their balance. Simply stand up and grab the right foot with the right hand and bend it behind the back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to really feel a good stretch through the quad. Return to starting position and repeat the stretch for the left side.

Calf Raises

The calves are often the biggest complaint for those with restless legs syndrome. This area seems to experience the most discomfort as people sleep, with cramps happening here often as well. Some calf raises before bed would do good to help stretch out the area and circulate blood flow and oxygen. It’s done by simply raising up on the toes so the calves are stretched and lowering back down. It’s important to repeat this several times, holding the raised position for at least 10 seconds.

Nighttime discomforts can be brought to be a minimum by stretching before bed. Some simple lower body stretches will help to circulate blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and joints within the legs and promote healing. It has the potential to reduce pain and make it easier to sleep. Anyone still experiencing discomfort in their bodies while sleeping can visit The Joint Chiropractic to seek additional guidance.

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