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How Your Evening Routine Can Improve Your Health

By Genevieve Cunningham

The evenings are a time for being home, winding down, and enjoying personal time. We've been at work all day. We've rushed and worried and worked nonstop. By the time the evening rolls around, we're often ready to melt into the couch with something delicious to eat and something mind numbing to watch on TV. But being intentional about your evening time can make a big difference in your health. If you're guilty of wasting the evenings, take a look at how creating a routine can improve your health and happiness every day. 

The Importance of Winding Down

We live each day in a whirlwind of activities, obligations, and various things to do. We're constantly on the go. Constantly moving. Constantly wound up. At the day's end, it can be really hard for our minds to turn off and slow down. They just keep going -- thinking of all the things we have to get done. And this can mean poor sleep, more stress, and a decline in overall health. But if we take the time to wind down, we can slowly coax our minds into relaxing and shutting down. The more our mind relaxes, the easier it is to fall asleep and stay asleep, and the less stress we feel through the evening and night. If you don't already have a routine that allows this process to happen, it's time to create one for your own well-being. 

Ideas for the Evenings

So what kinds of things can you do to wind down? Each wind-down routine will be specific to that person's specific likes and dislikes. What do you enjoy? What calms your soul? You might stretch, exercise, take a walk, or do some yoga. You may consider reading a book. You might take a steamy hot shower and watch something in bed. Find what works for you, create a routine that feels good, and do it every night to improve your health.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

It's really important to remember that creating a wind-down routine takes time. You may try a few things that don't feel right, and so you have to adjust your routine. It's also important to remember that the greatest benefits come from habit -- from the continual use of healthy habits in your life. Don't get discouraged if you don't see any change right away. It will take time. The key is to stick with the habit, make it a part of your life, and in the end, you'll be grateful for your diligence in improving your health and life.

The way we begin and end our day can make a huge difference in the way we feel about overall life. Create a routine on purpose. Something that lowers stress and soothes the soul. With a routine and some practice, you can improve your health and life just by improving your evening every day. 

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