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Are You Making These Hydration Mistakes?

By Sara Butler

Your body is made up of about 60 percent water. To work correctly, you can’t let it dry up. That requires making sure it gets enough water every day.You might be making a few mistakes in your pursuit of proper hydration, but have no fear: once identified, you can drop these bad hydration habits like a boat anchor.

Mistake No. 1: You Need 8 Cups of Water Per  Day

The problem with this idea is that it turns hydration into a one-size-fits-all proposition when it’s anything but. Hydration is personal, and it’s based on your weight, how much you exercise, and the weather! The average woman needs about 11 cups of water per day, but this can all be altered by your size, and your activity level for the day. A common rule of thumb is to drink, in ounces, half your body weight; for example, a 200-pound man would drink 100 ounces. Before you start chugging down water, think about the things you eat each day that naturally contain water, such as fruits and vegetables. Also remember that simply drinking when you’re thirsty should take care of it.

Mistake No. 2: You Think Tea and Coffee Don’t Count

Many people have heard that caffeine in tea and coffee actually decreases your hydration level instead of counting toward your daily goals, but that’s not true at all. Your morning cup of joe and afternoon green tea absolutely count toward your daily water tally. Caffeine is a diuretic, but your body still absorbs about 25 percent of the water contained in the beverage.

Mistake No. 3: The More Water You Drink, the Better

More water isn’t necessarily better for you. You can get too much of a good thing, and water is no exception. If you drink too much, it can cause problems with your kidneys and cause them to swell. This can lead to puffiness, swelling, and in the worst cases, death. So, don’t force yourself to guzzle water all day long, just sip throughout the day and you should be golden!

Mistake No. 4: Clear Pee Is Your Goal

If your urine has no color, then you might be overdoing it in the water department just a bit. You’re better off aiming for a pale shade of yellow. If your pee is dark yellow or honey-hued, then it might mean you need to drink more water!

These aren’t all the misconceptions about water, but armed with this knowledge and a commitment to drink plenty of H20, your body will be much happier -- and healthier!

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