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The Joint Chiropractic - Spartanburg, South Carolina

Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic - Spartanburg! As your Spartanburg chiropractor dedicated to family chiropractic and spine health, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from lower back pain, sciatica pain, and migraines, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic's natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How can chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic in Spartanburg help you?

Whether you have seen a chiropractor in the past or are seeking a local chiropractor near you for the first time, expect your visit to The Joint Chiropractic - Spartanburg to be different from any healthcare experience you've had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here are a few reasons why The Joint Chiropractic in Spartanburg is your perfect destination for pain relief and preventative care:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointments Required
  • No Insurance Hassles, Requirements or Copays
  • Quality Chiropractic Care by Licensed Professionals
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans

As you can see, chiropractic care provided by the licensed chiropractors at The Joint offers you and your family an affordable, convenient and accessible solution like no other.

How can routine chiropractic care help improve your quality of life?

Through manual manipulation of the spine delivered to the highest standards by licensed chiropractors, chiropractic care works to restore and maintain proper communication from your brain to your body by relieving what chiropractors refer to as a subluxation, or a misalignment, of the spine. Restoring proper alignment to the spine can assist with pain relief and prevention of:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

So whatever “symptoms” you or your family may be experiencing, visit our Spartanburg chiropractic office today to learn more about how you could improve your overall health and well-being. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit, so stop in when it is convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Sarah Stephens, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Sarah Stephens became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2020 when she began serving residents in the Greenville/Spartanburg area, where she continues doing the work she finds so gratifying.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is the fact that I get to help people feel better and achieve health naturally by just using my hands,” she says. “I love what I do.

“It’s rewarding to see the positive change in my patients with regular consistent chiropractic care.”

You can call her Dr. Sarah, and she’s a product of South Carolina. She married her high school sweetheart and has three daughters, including twins, along with a black goldendoodle named Stella. In addition to spending time with her family, she likes to paddle board, hike, and exercise.

Dr. Sarah attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia before earning her bachelor’s degree in nutrition at Excelsior College in New York. She then went to Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs to get her doctorate; while there, she received the Garfunkel Award, the highest honor for student achievement.

“When I was 16, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was told I may never be able to have children and needed to have surgery,” she says. “Instead, I went to a chiropractor, got my body and immune system healthy, and my body healed. That’s when I knew I wanted to be able to help people naturally as best as I could. It may not cure everyone’s cancer, but chiropractic care does help the body fight disease naturally by stimulating the immune system. And as a bonus, I stopped having headaches.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

If there’s one thing you can count on finding in Dr. Sarah’s refrigerator, it’s grass-fed butter. “I cook a lot,” she says, “and nothing gives vegetables and meat better flavor than butter from grass-fed cows.”

If she could bring together any four persons from history for her ideal dinner party, Dr. Sarah would send invitations to entrepreneur Elon Musk, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, singer Reba McEntire, and author Ernest Hemingway: “The scientific and philosophical discussion would be amazing, and Reba is there to entertain us.”

The most fascinating thing that Dr. Sarah has experienced took place off the coast of Australia. “I got to do a dive on the Great Barrier Reef with my youngest daughter and my mother,” she says. “It may be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and the way that the oceans are being polluted, the reef may be completely destroyed in my lifetime. It was amazing to see while it still had life and color.”

Dr. Justin Schutrumpf, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Justin Schutrumpf -- it’s OK to call him Dr. Justin -- joined The Joint Chiropractic family of healthcare providers in 2019 as a doctor in the Spartanburg location, but he has been a patient since 2007. A graduate of Metropolitan State University Denver with a degree in biology, he got his doctorate of chiropractic from Life University.

“The thing I like best about being in chiropractic is helping folks crush life,” he says. “I love helping people when they are told they have no other options.”

Dr. Justin was raised in Boulder, Colo., at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. He worked in Atlanta before landing in Spartanburg.

He and his wife, who is the daughter of a chiropractor, have two daughters, along with a dog named Charlotte and a cat named Callie. In his spare time, Dr. Justin says he enjoys rucking, fitness, eating barbecue, grilling, cycling, doing DIY projects, “raising warrior princesses and taking my wife out on a hot date.”

He says he knew chiropractic was the right choice for him when he was jealous of a friend whose father was Dr. Justin’s first chiropractor. “It was when my best friend decided to go to school and follow his father’s footsteps and I was jealous,” he says. “But instead, we both chased our dreams.”

“I love working here,” Dr. Justin says. “I love being able to help people providing high quality chiropractic care while working for an honest company that takes great care of its employees.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Justin says the staples of his life are always stocked in his refrigerator: “Meats, hot sauce, eggs and cheese.”

If he could bring together any four people from history together for the dinner party of his dreams, Dr. Justin would include retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, cartoon scientist Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, artist Jim Winters, and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

The coolest thing Dr. Justin has done was participate in more than a dozen GORUCK endurance events -- of 6,12, 24 and 48 hours -- “learning teamwork with special forces veterans and building bonds with awesome people.”

Dr. Melanie Beach, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Melanie Beach became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2021 when she began serving residents in the Greenville region, where she continues doing the work she finds so rewarding.

“I love the way the chiropractic field focuses on preventative medicine, allowing me to educate and help others to live a truly healthy lifestyle,” she says. “My second-favorite thing about getting to be a chiropractor is to see the change in someone’s whole being as they transform from someone inhabited by pain to someone with health and freedom to pursue what they enjoy.

“It is so gratifying to see patients come in with pain that they did not think they could tolerate and, through consistent care, be able to find relief and live their lives to the fullest.”

A product of the Southern California coast, the aptly named Dr. Beach worked previously in Santa Barbara, Calif., and Albuquerque, N.M.

She and her husband, Bennett, enjoy spending time in nature with their Carolina dog, Sadie, doing active things like biking, hiking, and watersports.

She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she earned her doctorate as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

“When I was 15, I experienced a particularly painful swim season,” Dr. Beach says. “As the season progressed and my pain worsened, more and more areas of my life were taking a toll due to the pain. My parents took me to a chiropractor who discovered I had scoliosis. After three months of regular care and exercises, I reduced the curve to the point of it no longer being considered scoliosis, but better yet, I felt like I had been given my life back. I knew I always wanted to help people when I grew up, but this experience with chiropractic care solidified my decision on how I would help people. I was going to be a chiropractor when I grew up and I’ve never looked back.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Beach has been backpacking on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon, one of the coolest experiences of her life.

If she could bring together any four people from history for her ideal dinner party, she would include the Dalai Lama, South African president Nelson Mandela, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and actress/playwright Danai Gurira. “These people are some of the greatest minds in championing for the people,” Dr. Beach says. “What they each stand for is what I try to embody each day.”

The book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been a big part of Dr. Beach’s life since childhood. “It taught me about bravery and courage, about standing up for others, and at the end of the day always be true to yourself,” she says. “I have loved this book so much for so long that I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo on my foot,”

Dr. Gregory N. Dixon, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Gregory N. Dixon became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2021 when he began serving residents in the Spartanburg area, where he continues doing the work he finds so gratifying.

“I enjoy working with, and helping, people who are in need of help,” he says.

Dr. Greg, as he is known to patients, is a product of Missouri, where his father was a chiropractor; holistic health was “a huge part” of his life while growing up. He worked previously in Ninety Six, S.C.

When he’s not with Sully, his German shepherd, he enjoys yoga and jogging.

He earned his doctorate of chiropractic from Cleveland University-Kansas City. It was no surprise that he became a chiropractor. “My father was a chiropractor and I learned at an early age the importance of chiropractic care,” he says. He remembers a particularly profound story of his experience: “A lady who was having difficulty conceiving came in for treatment and, after about three months, she came back and was expecting.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Greg says the one thing he always has stocked in his refrigerator is cold water: “It keeps you hydrated, and water’s what the body consists of.”

If he could bring together any four people to the table, Dr. Greg would sit down with Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “They were all considered very principled people in their beliefs, and as chiropractors, we are very principled in our beliefs,” he says.

A book that provided Dr. Greg a powerful personal message was The Power and Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. “It proved to me the power of the mind and how you can overcome anything,” he says.

If he could give advice to anyone, it would be the same that came from his parents: Always remain honest and humble. “It will take you a long way in life,” Dr. Greg says, “and you won’t go wrong.”

Dr. Pamela Owens, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Pamela Owens (Dr. Pam) is a native of Wilmington, NC. She graduated with honors from Logan Chiropractic College in 1989. She is Board Certified in Acupuncture through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Over many years in practice, she has received numerous post-graduate certifications including Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Spinal Rehabilitation, Laser & Electrical/Auricular Acupuncture (weight loss/smoking cessation), Functional Medicine, and testing for environmental and dietary toxicity.

In 2016, Dr. Pam authored the book: “Poisoned! What You Didn’t Know About Heavy Metals Is Killing You!” Environmental Toxic Heavy Metals may be the hidden reason you feel sick. This book was written to help patients understand that there is a lot more to the reasons why they may be ill that never get discussed or tested thru conventional medicine.

After graduating in 1989, Dr. Pam went to Indianapolis to practice with Dr. Sue Morter for a year then returned to St. Louis, MO, and worked for Dr. Ken Gilbertson for 2 years. From here, she started her own practices in St. Louis: Kingston Chiropractic Center and Chiropractic & Rehan Center. After 13 years, she sold them both and moved back to the beach. She then started a practice in Ocean Isle Beach, NC: At the Beach Chiropractic Health Center, and after 18 successful years, she sold it and retired in 2020.

She joined The Joint in January 2021 and enjoys working with everyone!

Dr. Pam says the best thing about being a Doctor in the Chiropractic field after all these years, is the number of people she has helped without medication. There have truly been some blessings!

Dr. Pam’s hobbies include photography, golf, exercising, reading, gardening, going to the beach to enjoy her second home, and riding the golf cart around! Her first college degree was in Photography back in the stone ages! She was an avid golfer and lived in Sea Trail Plantation in Sunset Beach, NC on the golf course where she managed to sneak away regularly to play!

She is married to her partner Angie Brooks of Greenville, SC where they have two cats and a dog that are spoiled rotten!

The one thing in the refrigerator that she must have is half and half creamer for her coffee!

One of the coolest things Dr. Pam has done is win Longest Drive in a big golf tournament for the women’s division Sea Trail Sunset Beach, NC… also.. when she practiced in St. Louis, she treated Joe Walsh of the Eagles prior to a concert there!

Dr. Kushal Hegneshwar, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Kushal Hegneshwar, D.C., better known as Dr. K, was raised in Greenville, South Carolina. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in biology from College of Charleston in 2016 and went on to do a Masters in Biology at Clemson University. He went on to pursue a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2018 at Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Upon receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. K, started as an associate at Ivey O'Sullivan Health Services. Here he learned to master his art and provide a service to all members of the community. His drive to serve led him to join The Joint in the upstate area of South Carolina in February 2022. Since working at The Joint, he has really enjoyed seeing patients do things that they didn't know they were missing. Such as, being able to wake up in the morning and being fully rested, or being able to pick up their grandchild without having their back go out on the, or being able to get greater distance in their golf game.

In his free time, he loves to spend time with his wife and their dog Luna. They like to go on hikes, travel, and play disc golf.


The one thing in Dr. K's fridge that he cannot live without is eggs. If he was looking for a perfect brunch to share egg dishes with, it would include: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, and Paul Ulibarri.

The coolest thing he's ever done is hike the Grand Canyon National Park. Being in that picturesque environment really showed him how beautiful the nature can be and how small we all really are.

Dr. Austin Kemmerlin, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Spartanburg

Dr. Austin Kemmerlin became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2021 when he began serving residents in the Pee Dee region, where he continues doing the work he finds so gratifying.

Dr. Kemmerlin earned his doctorate at Sherman College in Boiling Springs after getting a bachelor’s degree in biology from Francis Marion University in Florence.

The doctor has a wide variety of hobbies, many that include travel; he loves visiting new cities and experiencing new foods and cultures, and visiting major art museums and breweries around the U.S. “I never drink the same beer twice,” he says. As well, he has a passion for playing ice hockey. An amateur chef, if he weren’t a chiropractor he would follow a path straight to a professional kitchen.

Perhaps the only thing he likes more than traveling is his St. Bernard, Bernie, “who goes everywhere with me.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

If he could bring together any four people from history for his ideal dinner party, Dr. Kemmerlin would love to sit down with David Bowie, Barack Obama, Anthony Bourdain, and Lin Manuel Miranda. “Bowie was the best trendsetter, a mastermind at influencing culture and reinventing himself with every decade that passed,” he says. “Obama ignited a new interest in modern politics on both sides of the aisle, and that is so important. Bourdain is the most important among the group because Tony lived life ot the absolute fullest, immersing himself into different cultures around the world. In my opinion, Lin Manuel Miranda is one of the most creative minds ever who captures evens in song like no one else; I’d like to pitch a few Broadway ideas to him.”

Dr. Kemmerlin says the coolest thing he has done is live in New York City. “I would eat at many different Michelin Star restaurants,” he says. “I have so many remaining on my list to try around the country.”

A couple of things he always keeps stocked in his refrigerator is dill pickle juice and extra spicy salsa.

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In a recent Consumer Reports study, chiropractic outperformed prescription medication, deep-tissue massage, yoga, pilates, and over-the-counter medication therapies, in treating back pain. 1

1 Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center. Back-Pain Treatments.; July 2011.

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