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Reasons You Can't Sleep and How to Fix It

By Genevieve Cunningham

Sleep. It’s the one thing that we all have to have, we all want more of, and hardly any of us are actually getting. Somewhere in the young adult years, sleep begins to disappear. We go from sleeping half the day as teenagers to barely getting any sleep at all. While this might seem like a normal part of growing up, it’s incredibly bad for our health. To get more sleep and feel a little better every day, take a look at these reasons your sleep is lacking followed by some tips on getting a little more.

Why Sleep is Elusive

Though there might be many reasons that any particular person can’t sleep, some of the most common reasons include:

  • Excessive Stress - Too much stress makes it difficult for the brain and body to wind down and rest. If your stress levels are high, it may be keeping you up at night.

  • Lack of Activity - If you’re not active enough during the day, your body won’t be tired at night. It may also keep pent up tension and stress in the body, which then compounds on the sleep problem at the end of the day.

  • Poor Habits- From too much technology to erratic bedtimes, bad habits may be contributing to your lack of sleep.

How to Fix the Sleeping Problem

In extreme cases, seeing a doctor for sleeping problems might be necessary. In most cases, it simply takes some lifestyle changes. Some tips for improving sleep include:

  • Setting a Routine - Our bodies and minds like routine. Set yourself a bedtime and a wake up time and stick to them as often as possible to help set your body’s natural clock.

  • Getting Active - If you’re not moving throughout the day, start ASAP! Factor in some exercise, an active hobby, or just some time to get up and get moving.

  • Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones - If you have bad habits keeping you awake at night, replace them with good ones. Skip the phone use at night and read a book instead. Break the addiction to the TV and turn on some soothing music. It might take some time to break the bad habits, but it will be worth it when you’re sleeping like a baby.

Sleep is vital to your body and mind. Without it, every part of our health can suffer in a big way. If you’re not getting enough sleep, use these tips to get a little more. With some patience and persistence, you may be able to turn your sleeping habits around and get your body moving toward better health as soon as today.

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