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Is Your Look Killing Your Body? Your Chiropractor Knows


When you are headed out and it’s a really important party/lunch/dinner, you won’t give this question a second thought. It’s all about the look – you’ll worry about a little pain later.

But later always comes and those fantastic heels, huge bags, or tight fitting clothes can have long range pain implications for your body, specifically your leg, back, spine and neck.

Just ask the chiropractors, ‘fashion pain’ problems show up in their office every day.

Yesterday out shopping I saw a petite woman striding along in tight pants and top, four inch heels and a huge tote bag slung over one shoulder. She looked fantastic, but she also looked like she could be setting herself up for real body pain.

How fashion can harm you.

Dr. Richard Brassard, American Chiropractic Association past president. talks about what fashion can do to the body. He says high heels change the balance position of the body. If one part of the body system becomes fixed the whole system will respond. Wearing high heels for any length of time increases the normal forward curve of the back, causing the pelvis to tip forward.

This changes the normal position of the pelvis and spine necessary to maintain balance. If the person were standing flat footed the body would be balanced. By bringing the heel up, the hamstring muscles tend to shorten.
According to Dr. Brassard, fashion can cause problems for both men and women.

Tight clothes, elevated heels, heavy tote bags, briefcases and back packs, and bulging wallets kept in the back pants pocket, can all cause pain down the road.

We all see these fashion challenges around us. But when pain strikes the back, neck, legs or spine it may be time to see your chiropractor and change a few things.

Visiting Your Chiropractor

The initial visit to the chiropractor will include a spinal adjustment to evaluate spinal health, a discussion of the pain that you are having, and a complete review of your medical history.

The chiropractor’s goal will be to find answers to help you without resorting to surgery or medications.
If taller heels, tight clothes, heavy totes or bulging wallets have been a part of your life, to the point that you are now having pain, the chiropractor will help you pinpoint the problem and talk about what to do next.

Depending on the length of time that this has gone on and the severity of your pain, there might be a series of visits. And, for sure, the chiropractor will have some definite suggestions., such as these from ACA:

Only 10 percent of your body weight should be carried in any tote, backpack, etc., and that weight should be distributed on both sides of the body.

Shoes should be comfortable. If heels are a must for an event, bring flat shoes along too.

Remove your wallet before sitting for long periods of time and watch out for discomfort from tight clothes.
As you work with your chiropractor and feel the difference in comfort, you are bound to find ways to keep your look and keep your body healthy.

Don’t wait if these issues are all too familiar. Make an appointment with your chiropractor today.


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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Bobby Angel

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