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A Clear Path with Chiropractic

By Krista Elliott

A couple of weeks ago, I was vacuuming the kitchen floor when I noticed that the suction was a little ... lackluster. We have a central vac system, and with two small kids and my large-enough-for-two-people mop of hair, our vacuum gets a serious workout. So, I figured there must be a small clog somewhere. I fiddled with the hose, putting my hand over the end to vary the suction and hopefully jostle it loose. Then, I unplugged the hose and went downstairs to turn the canister on, hoping that the suction from the machine against the closed flaps of each outlet would create enough force to clear the clog. Nothing. If anything, the clog only got worse. In desperation, I hauled out our monstrous Shop-Vac and inserted its hose into the offending outlet. Back and forth and up and down the stairs I went, fiddling with that blessed, blessed vacuum for over two hours until finally, finally, the clog cleared. It was a combination of hair, Shreddies, bits of Lego, and a thin plastic produce bag that had somehow gotten sucked in there. 

The thing is, I knew exactly where the clog was: It was at the bend between the last outlet and where the piping goes into the basement. The clog would have easily passed through the straight sections of hose. But that bend? That was the problem. 

And once I had stopped sweating (and yes, swearing), the situation got me thinking about chiropractic care. 

Free and Clear

So, think of your spine as the vacuum piping, and your spinal cord as the airflow, and your nerve impulses as the Shreddies and hair. 

Stay with me, here. 

When the piping is nice and straight, the airflow is at its strongest, and there is nothing impeding the passage of the stuff that moves through it. 

Well, it's the same with your spine. When everything is in perfect alignment with your spine, your spinal cord lies smoothly within it, allowing nerve impulses to travel freely so that your body can function at its optimal levels. 

But, when there's a misalignment or subluxation in the spine, it acts as a bend in the piping. The spinal cord no longer flows smoothly, and the movement of nerve impulses is impeded. Not only does this cause discomfort, but it can also impair physical and mental ability. 

HVAC Specialists for Your Spine

Fortunately, instead of sweating and wrestling a Shop-Vac throughout the house, all you have to do is pop by The Joint Chiropractic. With gentle and pinpoint-precise adjustments, chiropractic care can help your spine return to its optimal alignment, helping your spinal cord (and the messages it transmits) flow freely down its length. And with routine chiropractic care from The Joint, you can keep a healthy spine for the long term. It would be like having one straight and perfect line from the vaccuum hose down to the canister — practically clog-proof! 

So visit The Joint today and start on your way toward a beautifully aligned spine that definitely doesn't suck. 

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