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The Best Ways To Immediately Correct Your Posture

Did you know that poor posture can wreak havoc on both your physical and mental health and well being? As strange or silly as it may sound, it is unfortunately very true. Poor posture has actually been linked with increased stress and anxiety, higher levels of blood pressure, and even depression and moodiness. That's a lot of health consequences for one small and seemingly insignificant aspect of your health,isn't it?

Still, this is why it is incredibly important to take great care in making sure that your posture is always correct. As it turns out, your mother was on to something when she told you to sit up straight at the dinner table. According to a helpful post I found by Care 2, here are some very simple ways to immediately correct your posture if you ever notice it is less than perfect.

First, if you don't really know how to tell if your posture is poor, follow this simple tip. Stand up and notice the direction that your palms are facing. If they are hanging down at your sides, your posture is fine. However, if your palms are cupped and facing your thighs, you are slouching and should correct your posture (this is usually from leaning in front of a computer screen at a desk for long periods of time).

To correct this, simply roll your shoulders back. Easy, right? You may find it helpful to roll them backwards and forwards a few times just to loosen up the muscles and joints in the area as well. In time, your body will remember to adjust the shoulders without a second thought!

Since the proper spinal column shape is more of a J shape, it is a problem if you know that your spine is shaped more in an S formation. The way to get that J curve on your back is to activate the use of your butt more often. This applies to everything, from walking to standing to sitting down. 

Finally,as you sit down, if you notice that you are slouching, be sure to correct yourself in a gentle manner. Rather than forcing your back forward and up, which can lead to stress and strain, simply imagine that there is a string pulling you up from the top of your head, and that it is gently straightening and lengthening your back and spinal column as well. A doctor of chiropractic can help you find some effective techniques to improve your posture over time as well.

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Steve Baker

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