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What Is Your Chiropractor Looking For?

By Sara Butler

You know by now what your chiropractor is trying to do when you come in for an adjustment: They are looking to eliminate subluxations and return your body to its proper balance. But how does your chiropractor know what is going on? How do they determine where a subluxation is so they can fix it and what is causing it in the first place? Well, sit back and get ready to find out the secrets behind your chiropractor’s detective work!

What is a Subluxation?

When one of the bones in your spine is out of position, also called a subluxation, it can put pressure on the nerves in the spine. The nerves exit the spine between the bones in the back and if they are compressed in any way from a subluxation it interrupts the messages being sent from your spinal cord to the rest of your body. This may cause a lack of coordination in the area that particular nerve supplies. You can easily think of it as a dimmer on a light switch; the subluxation dims the light and once it is adjusted the switch will once again turn all the way up to return to normal lighting.

What Your Chiropractor is Looking For

Your chiropractor does an evaluation of several things to determine the cause of your subluxation. This helps them to locate the problem area and treat it. They look for:

  • Chemical causes – Your chiropractor wants to know what kind of toxins or chemicals you may be introducing to your body in order to cause interference. These chemicals can include things in the foods you eat, the things you drink and even the air you breathe every day. These toxins may harm your body’s ability to function normally and also lower your body’s ability to appropriately deal with external and internal sources of stress.
  • Physical causes – These causes include things such as bad workstation ergonomics, bad posture, muscle imbalances, acute injuries or traumas, and repetitive motions that may cause injury or misalignments.
  • Emotional causes – This is all about stress. The emotional stress you endure has been found in studies to have an impact on your physical health. If your chiropractor can determine the stressors you may be facing in your life, they might be able to help you manage them more effectively. When you’re really stressed you have to remember it impairs your body’s ability to function normally.

Your chiropractor goes through many years of classroom and hands-on training to understand how to put all of these things together and determine a treatment plan that will work best for you. Once all the pieces of your physical puzzle are put together they can then begin treatment and help you to get your body back to optimal working order!

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