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Hit The Bed Early And Reap The Secrets of Slumber

OK, who hasn’t stayed up way past normal hours texting friends or on a Netflix binge? How about looking through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest just to amuse ourselves? The truth is that many of us are simply not getting enough sleep for optimal health.

In fact, a recent Gallop pole found that more than 40 percent of all Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Young adults and parents of children under 18 are among the most sleep-deprived groups, while senior citizens tend to be well-rested. It is apparent that active schedules and demanding lifestyles are one of the burdens associated with youth. Or, we just like to put off bedtime in favor of other activities. 

Medical studies and chiropractors have related a lack of sleep to health problems and cognitive impairment. Therefore, experts typically recommend seven to nine hours sleep for adults. That most Americans are falling short on getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night is nothing new.

But over time, staying awake into the wee hours can come with a hefty cost. Medical studies have related a lack of sleep to health problems and cognitive impairment. So here are some interesting ways you can benefit from minimizing your night owl habit:

You May Worry Less:

Scientists report that people who go to bed very late are more likely to be overwhelmed with repetitive negative thoughts. Conversely, focusing on normal sleep habits can benefit your attitude. 

You May Become Friendlier: 

Been getting into a lot of arguments lately? There's one easy way to fix that. People who get little sleep tends to be short-tempered, irritable. 

You May Become A Safer Driver:

With 6-in-10 people driving around with some type of sleep deprivation, automobile accidents can be just around the corner! Even more frightening is that more than 30 percent of drivers say that they've actually fallen asleep behind the wheel. AAA Foundation explains that sleep deprived drivers operate the same behind the wheel as someone who is drunk. 

You Might Look Better:

A recent Swedish study confirmed that people who don’t get enough sleep don’t look so great. When participants viewed images of people who were sleep-deprived or well rested, the sleep-deprived folks were rated as less attractive, less healthy, less approachable, and sadder.

You May Be Able To Avoid the Flu:

Yes your mother always said the most important thing to avoid getting sick is washing your hands, right? Well next to washing your hands, getting enough sleep might be one of the most effective ways at avoiding a cold or the flu. Getting enough shuteye helps keep your immune system strong, protecting you from floating viruses and shortening your recovery time if you do catch the bug. 

Always remember to keep a regular bedtime routine to help remind your body it’s time for bed, and enjoy the benefits of sound slumber.  

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Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Misha Sokolnikov

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