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3 Natural and Effective Ways to Slim Down Quickly

A few times a year, it seems like there are these moments that we need to lose a few pounds and slim down quickly. Perhaps you are about to head home from college to see old friends, and you indulged a bit too much in the open cafeteria. Maybe it is almost summer, and though you have been working out consistently and watching your diet, you want a little extra help for a boost of confidence. Or perhaps, at this time of year, you want to look your best before heading home for the holidays.

Whatever your reason for wanting to slim down fast, always remember that you probably can’t lose a lot of weight quickly in a healthy manner or make it last. You can however, drop a few pounds quickly or tone up problem areas to give you a last minute boost. To help you get fit fast, take a look at these natural ways to get your body ready for your upcoming special event.

Up Your Water Intake

This may feel counterproductive at first, but if you start early enough, it may give you just the boost that you need to feel fit and toned for your day. Water will do 2 things for your body. First, it may prevent overeating. The more water you drink, the fuller you feel, and the less food you eat. Second, it fills your cells up with water. While that might seem strange, the good news is that shortly after your cells fill with water, they hold, hold, hold onto that water, and then all of a sudden your cells will flush them out. While the scale may not move in this example, many people notice a difference in inches. If you are trying to look slim for an upcoming event, this is a great technique for doing it.

Burn More Calories

Even if you are already working out, the key to weight loss is still to burn more calories than you take in. If you want to make a slight difference quickly, then lower your intake (only in a healthy way), and up your output. A great way to burn more calories is to add another workout a day, or add intensity. Intensity might be in the form of weights, time frames, or speed. While you can’t plan on losing 10 pounds in a week, you might be able to lose 3-5 in a 2 or 3 weeks with this approach. It is a tough feat, but with enough persistence, and a healthy outlook, it can help you drop just a few extra pounds before your big event or day.

Cut Sugar

I speak from experience with this one. When I cut sugar for a week one time, I lost 3 pounds. In a week. While this isn’t always the norm, it can certainly be helpful to take away all of your sugar and instead take in more fruits and vegetables. Sugar has a way of turning into fat. The more that you eliminate from your diet, the more other fat that your body can burn and the more quickly you may lose weight or inches. This one can be really, really hard, as many people even claim sugar to be slightly addictive. In order to be successful, make a plan including how long you will go without sugar, other healthy alternative foods, and an emergency plan for when you are feeling an urge.

While losing large amounts of weight in a short time frame isn’t necessarily healthy, losing a couple or dropping some inches can be not only healthy, but completely possible! When you need to slim down fast, use these 3 tips as a guide, and get your weight under control and your confidence up in no time.

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