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The 60 Minute Breakdown : How Soda Negatively Impacts Your Body

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that has not consumed a can of soda. And you’ve probably also heard about the long-term impact soda can have on your body and your health. But what does soda do to your body immediately after you consume it? Well, read on to find out how drinking just one can of soda affects the body in the hour after you drink it.

The First 10 Minutes

A can of soda has, on average, about 10 teaspoons of sugar. That is 100% of your recommended daily intake! However, all of that sugar hits your system at once and the reason that you’re able to hold it down and your body doesn’t reject it, is because of the phosphoric acid used to cut what would be sure to be an overwhelming sweetness.

20 Minutes

All that sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike, which then causes an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this reaction by turning the sugar in your system into fat so it can store it.

40 Minutes

At this point you have absorbed all of the caffeine in the beverage. Your pupils will be dilated, your blood pressure has risen and as a response your liver adds more sugar to your bloodstream. Receptors in your brain have been blocked to prevent you from becoming drowsy too.

45 Minutes

Your body is producing dopamine in order to stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain, which is also how drugs like heroin work.

60 Minutes

Remember the phosphoric acid that is used to cut the sweetness? Well, that is now in your lower intestine where it is binding with the calcium, magnesium and zinc in order to boost your metabolism. The high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners you’ve had at this point are also causing more calcium to be excreted in your urine.

More than an Hour

The caffeine in your system is working as a diuretic, so you will probably have to pee. You are going to flush all that bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc out of your system now. Those minerals were intended for your bones, by the way.

Soon, you’ll experience a sugar crash. You can become irritable and sluggish and any water that has was in that soda has now probably gone, quite literally, down the toilet. Along with all of those nutrients that your body could have used for healthy teeth and bones, and it has undermined your body’s ability to stay hydrated. 

If you have any questions about nutrition, make sure to ask your chiropractor!

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