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Signs of Sleep Apnea You May Not Know About

By Sara Butler

Sleep apnea is a serious condition in which you stop breathing as you sleep at night. Most people with sleep apnea also snore and may wake up often throughout the night gasping for breath. These aren’t the only symptoms of sleep apnea and here are a few of the symptoms you may not have connected with this health issue.

Cognitive Issues

If you have problems thinking clearly during the day it may be because you are having problems sleeping at night due to sleep apnea. If you suffer from sleep apnea you have very fragmented and broken sleep at night, meaning you are not getting the full cycle of sleep that help your brain and body to function at their best. Sleep is not as refreshing and so you may feel as if you are walking around in a fog all day with hazy thinking and difficulty concentrating or remembering things.


Sleep and mood are interrelated, and if you’re not getting enough quality restorative sleep at night, it can have a big impact on your mood. You may feel sad or down, cry a lot or lose interest in things you used to enjoy. You can have low energy, concentration issues, and you may have a decreased or increased appetite -- meaning you lose or gain weight.

High Blood Pressure

If you have sleep apnea you also are at a higher risk for developing uncontrolled high blood pressure. This can lead to major health problems such as stroke or heart attack. Plus, the episodes of disrupted sleep can drop oxygen levels in your blood, increasing the heart rate and increasing blood pressure right along with it. This can trigger inflammation over your whole body which contributes to the inability to control the high blood pressure you may be experiencing.

Waking Up to Use the Bathroom

If you wake a lot in the night to use the toilet it may be because you have sleep apnea. The interruptions to your sleep can interrupt the release of a hormone that prevents you from urinating at night. If your sleep is interrupted, thus interrupting the release of the hormone, you will wake up to urinate more frequently throughout the night.

These are just a few of the uncommon signs of sleep apnea. If you’re concerned you may be having issues with breathing at night, talk to health care professional as soon as you can!

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