Fiber Serves Multiple Purposes In Your Diet

By Tom Herrin

You hear a lot about different kinds of things you should include in a good diet.  One thing for sure you need to consider is what you really want to get out of it.  Are you trying to address an issue?  Are you missing something?  One of the best things to consume, because it does so many things, is fiber.  A lot of people think of it in terms of regularity for the bowels.  That is one of its values, but there are several others.  Fiber can be good for diabetics, dieters, those with cholesterol problems and more.

Fiber Is Great For Those With Diabetes Or Weight Control Issues

Some foods digest easily and are absorbed quickly.  High fiber foods are different.  They are not completely digested by the body.  Fiber passes through the body partly intact.  This means that sugar absorption is slowed which is very good for diabetics.  It also means that you will feel full longer.  This is equally good news for those who are trying to control their weight.  Many cereals that are high fiber are higher in calories, but due to the fact that the body does not digest all of it, those calories may not be a factor in the typical calorie count.

It Does A Pretty Good Job Of Cleaning Out Cholesterol And Fats

The base roughage, which was mostly described above, is the most familiar and available type of fiber.  It is considered non-soluble.  The other kind of fiber is soluble.  It is the kind popularly found in oats as well as some beans and other foods.  This kind actually lowers cholesterol by removing it from the arteries.  People with cholesterol problems are wise to include more of this in their diet.  Even if you don’t like oatmeal, there are several other things to choose from.

It Is Still Great For General Digestion

Fiber is overall an inexpensive food for all it does.  It can be a sure help avoiding the likelihood of colon cancer.  Since it moves through the body largely undigested, it helps to keep bowel movements regular.  This can also affect your overall health, making you feel better and more energetic.  You do have to be sure you drink plenty of water with it.  Fiber is most effective with a considerable amount of water.  If you are new to it, you should start slowly to allow your body the opportunity to adjust.  All in all, it is a great addition to a healthy diet.

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