What To Do When Acute Low Back Pain Shuts Life Down


We all expect life to change with age, but when we are moving long in our thirties or forties, those senior years with all of their problems, seem to be a long ways away. But then, in the span of an afternoon, or with the sudden impact of a serious car or sports accident, lives can change and acute low back pain can become an immediate reality.

Seeing your doctor and then seeing a chiropractor can help to provide the critical answers.

If you or someone you know is facing acute low back pain, your doctor can provide an immediate assessment followed by natural, cost effective chiropractic care that can help you work through the problem.

A friend of mine found herself spun around in traffic on a rainy afternoon on the freeway when someone clipped her back bumper. She slid across the freeway and wound up facing backwards on the freeway shoulder. After getting off the freeway and seeing her doctor, she began reassembling her life. At that point she realized she was having ongoing lower back pain and she began visits with her chiropractor. After an extended period of treatment she finally got back to her office and her life. But she was quick to say her chiropractor did the most to help make that possible.

Another friend of mine was enjoying her thirties and doing really well in her career, but her job was also doing some damage to her life as she worked long hours hovering over screens, ate on the run and ordered a lot of pizzas, stressed out fairly regularly over the deadlines, and wound up skipping most of her gym time. Not surprising, she wound up in the chiropractor’s office stressed out, overweight and completely exhausted with acute severe back pain. After an examination and diagnosis, her chiropractor helped her fashion a program that shed weight, included relaxation exercises, trimmed work hours, and restarted exercise. Her pain let up and her life gradually turned around.

If these stories sound familiar and you are looking for pain assistance or good ideas on how to avoid back pain see your chiropractor.

Your Chiropractor Has Answers

No matter where you are on the back pain issue your chiropractor can help. The chiropractor’s goal is to help achieve pain relief whenever possible without medications or surgery. In the initial visit the chiropractor will do a spinal adjustment to evaluate the health of the spine, take a full medical history and discuss what is going on, and what daily activities look like.

In chiropractic visits the focus is on a healthy spine, insuring the whole nervous system is working well. With the chiropractor’s help patients often learn new relaxation exercises, improve diets, or add a new exercise class to help ease stress. If you need help solving painful twinges or have more serious issues, visit your chiropractor and find out what can be done to get back to normal.

When life suddenly becomes not OK, your chiropractor is there to help you work through the problem and seek to restore your quality of life. Don’t wait until you join the millions fighting serious ongoing pain issues, make an appointment today.


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