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Why Too Much Sugar is Dangerous

By Lana Bandoim

Overindulging in cake, candy or ice cream can be dangerous. Too much sugar can cause insulin resistance, ruin teeth and hurt the body in other ways. Sugar can hide in many products such as vegetable juice and barbecue sauce. It is easy to eat too much sugar during the day without realizing it. Consider the following risks of overeating sugar.

Insulin Resistance

Cookies for breakfast and cake for lunch every day can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone the body makes to regulate how much glucose is in the blood. It affects carbohydrate metabolism. Eating too much sugar forces the body to make more insulin. However, this is dangerous because high levels of insulin can make the cells resistant to it.

Insulin resistance can lead to other problems such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. In addition, it can create fatigue and brain fog. People who have insulin resistance may also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Bad Teeth

Sugar can hurt the teeth and cause cavities. The process starts with bacteria in the mouth feeding on the sugar that is consumed. Then, the bacteria create acid that destroys the teeth. Both food and beverages that have high levels of sugar can damage teeth.   

Weight Gain

When you eat too much sugar, it rarely satisfies hunger. Instead, it can make you crave more food. In addition, eating large amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain. Research shows that sugar has a direct impact on obesity. Sugar affects hormones in the brain that influence hunger.


Sugar can be addictive, so it is hard to stop eating it. This also explains why cravings are often impossible to ignore. Whether the doughnuts at work are hard to overlook, or the cookies at home create new temptations, sugar surrounds people.

One of the problems is dopamine release. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain and is released in high amounts after eating sugar. It is located in the reward center of the brain, so addiction starts to form. Unfortunately, moderation may not work for everyone who is addicted to sugar. Eliminating sugar in all its forms may be necessary.

Although a small amount of sugar may not hurt you, too much can lead to many problems. Try to limit sugar and look for alternative ways to enjoy food without extra sweetness. From better teeth to less weight gain, the benefits are worth it.

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