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Make These Dietary Changes to Boost Metabolism

By Lana Bandoim

Metabolism is the body’s ability to turn food into energy. Although multiple factors such as genetics, age and weight contribute to metabolism, there are things you can change. Exercise can boost your metabolism, but diet is also important. Consider making the following dietary changes to lose weight.  

Eat More Protein

Researchers found that a high-protein diet increases satiety and affects hunger hormones. When you eat more protein than carbohydrates, ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone that increases the appetite, decreases. The body makes fewer hunger hormones, so cravings also diminish.

It is also important to consider the thermic effect of food (TEF). The TEF shows how much extra energy is needed to process food above the resting metabolic rate. Protein has a high TEF level, so the body uses extra energy to digest it. This means the metabolic rate is higher for protein compared to carbohydrates or fats.

Consider adding more protein to each meal during the day. Meat is an easy source, but there are other options. Nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, beans and fish are good sources of protein. Whey protein supplements are another option.

Try Green Tea

Several studies support using green tea to boost the metabolism. Green tea can increase the amount of calories and fat you burn. In addition, green tea has caffeine and catechins that affect the nervous system, so the body uses more energy.

Consider drinking green tea in the morning instead of coffee. You can also drink it throughout the day instead of juice or other drinks. Green tea can accompany any meal.

Drink More Water

If you hate the taste of green tea, then drink more water. It is better to replace sugary drinks with plain water because it does not have any calories. In addition, studies show that drinking more water can increase the metabolism. Cells need water to function, so providing them with this important nutrient is essential.

Consider drinking cold water because the body needs to use more energy to handle it. Cold water has to be heated up internally, so you burn more energy and can lose more weight. In addition, drinking water can increase satiety. Before your next meal, drink a large glass of cold water to feel full faster and avoid overeating.

Diet has a direct impact on the metabolic rate of the body. Consider making these dietary changes to increase your metabolic rate and lose weight easier.

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