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Save Your Spine While Spaying Spitzes

By Krista Elliott

I often think that people who work with animals have the best jobs in the world. Sure, some animals are going to be difficult, but for the most part, how wonderful it must be to work with friendly, fuzzy faces all day long. Whether you're a veterinarian, a groomer, or an animal trainer, you can't deny that animals are excellent company and can always bring a smile on even the gloomiest day. 

When you think about the occupational hazards of working with animals, the first thing you probably think about is getting bitten. And while that is a very legitimate concern, there might be another health hazard that you may not have thought of, and that is the risk of back injury. 

How does working with animals put your back at risk? (And these risks apply to pet ownership, as well. So if you have fur-babies, take note.) 

Heel! HEEL, I Said!!!: If you spend any amount of time walking dogs, especially larger or energetic breeds, you've probably felt the delightful sensation of having your arm half-pulled out of its socket by a 60-pound furry bulldozer at the other end of the leash. Once a dog is trained to heel, that's great. But in the meantime? All of that yanking and pulling may not only lead to subluxations, but to back-damaging slips or falls. 

All Creatures Great and Small: Lifting a cat onto the exam or grooming table? Easy. Lifting a 110-pound Irish wolfhound? Not so much. Some larger breeds weigh as much as a grown man, and lifting them can pose a major risk to your spine and other joints. Even small breeds can pose a risk if you don't lift carefully; I once threw my back out while lifting my geriatric 15-pound Lhasa Apso into my bed. 

Twist and Shout: Maintaining good posture and ergonomics is simple when you have a seated job. When you're twisting around trying to get a cat to hold still for a claw trimming (or a bath, Heaven help you), or hunched over while performing heart surgery on a border collie, it's a lot harder to maintain a healthy spinal position. The result? Strained muscles, subluxations, or even worse. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help: 

Chiropractic treatment, like the customized care you get at The Joint Chiropractic, can help correct subluxations, relieve back pain, and hasten healing from serious back injuries like herniated discs. Safe, natural, and drug-free, it's a great way to treat your back pain or injury without having to worry about medical contraindications. And ongoing preventative care can help stabilize and align your spine and joints into their optimal position. The result? A stronger and heathier body that not only feels great, but is more resistant to lifestyle-derailing back injuries. 

So why wait? Visit The Joint today and keep your spine from going to the dogs. 

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