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Sleep Mistakes That Are Costing You

By Sara Butler

Are you having trouble getting a full night of restful and restorative sleep? If so, then it may be the result of some common sleep mistakes. Here are a few bad habits that could be costing your sleep and how to fix them.

Using Screens at Bedtime

This is nothing new -- the blue light your electronic device gives off can make it more difficult for you to go to sleep. That's because the blue light stimulates your brain and doesn't help it produce the necessary hormones it needs to help you nod off.

To fix this, all you must do is shut down your screen at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Instead of scrolling through social media, consider reading an old-fashioned book, listening to some relaxing music, or doing a little meditation. These things better help your body to prepare itself for sleep and make falling asleep a whole lot easier.

Eating (or Drinking) Too Late

You know by now that drinking caffeinated drinks before bed will make for a restless night, but alcohol can have the same impact. While the glass of wine may make you feel sleepy, drinking right before bed can impact the quality of your sleep, making it fitful. It's best to avoid drinking alcohol before bed.

Eating too close to bedtime can impact your metabolism and give you heartburn, which doesn't exactly make for a comfortable night. Try to eat three to four hours before you plan on going to bed. If you're hungry later, then try for a small snack such as crackers and nut butter.

Making It Too Bright

If you live in the city where the light never seems to die down, then you should invest in some quality blackout curtains. Light pollution can make sleep more difficult, so blackout curtains can be a great way to keep the light from outside getting in and help you get to sleep and stay that way.

Sleeping In

Not to put a damper on your weekend plans but sleeping in is not a great idea. That's because sleep deficits are very difficult to get out of and sleeping in two days a week when you've been sleep deprived every other day simply isn't going to cut it. Try to get up and go to bed about the same time daily -- even on the weekends. This can help you to feel more refreshed and sleep easier all week long.

Get more quality sleep by avoiding these sleep mistakes!

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