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Get Better Sleep By Avoiding These Mistakes

By Stepy Kamei

Why is it that, for so many of us, getting a good night's rest seems like such an elusive goal most of the time? The answers can usually be found in the number of bad habits we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of repeating. These habits can interfere with our sleep and encourage feelings of fatigue throughout the day. Once we are able recognize these problematic mistakes in our everyday routines, we can begin to let them go and replace them with healthier habits, thereby creating a much higher chance of getting the rest we truly need.

Letting Too Much Light In

The body relies on the natural cycle of darkness and light in order to regulate its own sleep cycle, which is why it's best to be in a dark setting while trying to get to sleep. You may think that having curtains is enough, but for many people, the curtains they use aren't blocking out all the light filtering in. This is especially true for people who live in an urban setting, where light can trickle in at all hours. It's best to invest in blackout curtains in order to really allow yourself the rest you need without any distractions.

Not Having A Proper Sleeping Environment

It's important to have a place dedicated to productive sleep. Not having such a place encompasses a range of problems, but they can all contribute to a decline in a person's rest. It's best to keep your sleeping environment slightly cool, but not so cold that you're shivering yourself into wakefulness. It may help to have a fan on at night. A fan can also help to serve as white noise, which may combat other sounds that can rouse you from sleep suddenly. You should also do your best to avoid clutter in the bedroom; clutter has been known to increase feelings of stress and anxiety, which aren't exactly conducive to falling asleep.

Lacking a Routine To Relax You Into Sleep

Most people benefit greatly from a routine lifestyle, and this same ideology can help with getting better rest. You may want to spend the hour before bed engaging in relaxing and calming activities, such as reading, taking a bath, or meditating. Doing activities like these right before bed can help signal to your brain that it's time to start powering down.

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