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Create Your Sanctuary by Decluttering

By Donna Stark

It seems as if people are experiencing more stress and busier lives today than previous generations. We tend to work longer hours, our children are involved in more activities, and our calendars are packed from week to week. This can be enriching for some, but it can also lead to feelings of constant stress and chaos for others. Oftentimes, all we need is a little bit of quiet, a sanctuary if you will, and for many, that is exactly what our homes are for. But what if your home is just as “busy” as everything else? And by this I mean clutter … stuff … unnecessary things that are taking up the time and space that you could definitely use to decompress.

Simplify Your Life

Need ideas on how to simplify your home and unclutter your life? Here is a list of several suggestions that you can follow.

  • Schedule time to simplify - If it’s not on your calendar, it won’t get done, right? So schedule a little bit of time each week to focus on the decluttering of your home. This doesn’t mean you need to give up entire weekends to do it, but you should definitely put it on your calendar so it gets done in a manageable way.
  • Define what’s really important - Ask yourself these questions, or ones that are similar, to decide what is most important for you and your family and to give yourself a starting point. What is your time at home being spent on, and does it bring any value to you or your family? If you had to leave suddenly, what would you grab? What can you absolutely not do without?
  • Change your perspective about organizing - Organizing alone will not solve the problem if you have too much stuff in your home. Simply moving the four tents you own, or the 80 stuffed animals in your child’s room, into a new space does little to unclutter your life. So if you truly only need one tent, and can maybe live with having only 12 stuffed animals, then getting rid of the extras will help. The key idea here is that you don’t need organization, you need to get the unnecessary items out of your home.
  • Stop the shopping habit – If you have more that is coming in than what is going out you will never get ahead, so stop buying unnecessary stuff. Also, stop holding on to slightly broken things, especially after buying replacements for them. Either fix it, donate it, or throw it away.

It’s nice to own things that are fun or that make our lives easier, but it’s important to make sure that they are bringing value to what you love. So start by creating your sanctuary at home and remove the stress and chaos that comes with all the extra clutter.

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