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Will These 3 Conditions Prevent Chiropractic Adjustments?

By Dr. Molly Casey

Back Pain and Chiropractic

“Can I still get adjusted if ...?” That is a common and valid question many chiropractors get from those interested, but unsure, if chiropractic is the right fit for them. All of us have different health backgrounds and each situation is unique. So while your specific health history and its spinal events will need to be addressed in person and on a one-to-one basis, below are three elements of health histories in which people commonly ask whether they can still be adjusted. If you fit into one of these categories, you may very well get your answer here.

Prior to Spinal Surgery

Although each patient and situation is unique, on the whole, the answer is yes, someone facing spinal surgery -- and someone who has had surgery in the past -- can get an adjustment. Though all adjustments are minimally invasive, there are some tools that assist in making different types even less invasive.

Know this: many chiropractors regularly adjust newborn babies. If the technique and level of force used is helpful for, and withstood by, a newborn baby, it’s likely one will fit for you as well.

Spinal Degeneration

Individuals with spinal degeneration or an associated diagnosis, commonly called arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or a variety of others, are clear signs the individual can be adjusted but also needs to be adjusted. Your body is a machine. When the structure is not properly cared for, it degenerates. Degeneration is a sign for needing care.

The level and degree of degeneration will dictate the type and frequency of adjustments that will best suit the patient and their body. Often, but not always, the greater the degeneration, the gentler and least invasive adjustment technique or tool used. Although the adjustment will not likely reverse the level of degeneration, regular care offers the opportunity to slow or decrease the degeneration process, increase the range of motion, and promote overall health of the spine and nervous system.


Yes, if you have osteoporosis you can still get chiropractic adjustments. Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone density. In a healthy body, the bones are constantly breaking down, reabsorbing, and then laying down new bone. This is done at an even and consistent rate and the bones are kept strong and healthy. When this process becomes skewed and bone is not laid down as quickly as it is reabsorbed, it results in lower than normal density and inability to withstand normal weights of daily life. The bones aren’t as strong as they should be and ultimately can break with greater ease than normal bone.

Not only can someone with osteoporosis get chiropractic adjustments, those same adjustments can help restore that bone breakdown/laydown process. A regular chiropractic adjustment is a tool for anyone caring for someone with osteoporosis.

When the adjustment occurs, osteoclasts are stimulated. These cells are the ones that lay down the new bone. So the adjustment helps improve the process of new bone being laid down. Again, the grade or severity of the osteoporosis will dictate the types and level of adjustment rendered. Gentle and effective adjustments are rendered to help the body heal.

Life throws us curveballs. Your health journey is not a straight line, just like the rest of life. Don’t let some of the curves take you down -- or out. If you have had some health issues and are unsure if you can get chiropractic adjustments, come into The Joint Chiropractic and let us lead you, help you, and answer your questions.

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