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What You Need to Know About the Chiropractic Approach

By Dr. Molly Casey

The Chiropractic Approach

Is all chiropractic care the same? This is a question that is commonly asked by new and veteran patients alike. The answer is multifaceted and requires a bit of an explanation with regard to the doctors’ background of chiropractic, the philosophy that drives the doctors, the tools used, and the approach to health and wellness in their business.

Different Doctor, Different Approach

Yes, chiropractors practice different ways. Different strokes for different folks. Just as one individual could see two attorneys from the same realm of practice for one specific problem and receive two totally different approaches or thought patterns about how to tackle the issue, the same is true for chiropractic.

Philosophy - Chiropractic originated in the late 1800s. Harvey Lillard had his hearing return after he received what is now called the first chiropractic adjustment performed by D.D. Palmer. Strict/true chiropractic philosophy is born from this and embraces the idea when the central nervous system is able to run without interference, with specific regard to the spine, health is optimized. When the spine is moving incorrectly because of joint restrictions (commonly called misalignments) it creates an interference with the nervous system, thus decreasing the overall function and health of the body. When the chiropractic adjustment is rendered and the interference is removed, the body has the ability and the intelligence to restore function to the highest possible level.

Approach - There are chiropractors who choose to adhere very closely to the origins of chiropractic and those who don’t. Those at The Joint Chiropractic maintain that folks live healthier and happier lives when an individual’s spine is moving optimally, allowing the highest possible nervous system functioning. Chiropractors who practice as such focus on actively using chiropractic as a part of one’s healthcare routine and daily life.

This type of care is rendered based on how the spine is moving and the overall health of the patient. This is not pain-based care, meaning the patient comes in strictly for the purpose of maintaining wellness as opposed to seeking relief for a specific symptom.

Tools - Chiropractic means “done by hand.” The main tool is the adjustment, a force applied to a spinal joint restoring motion and/or alignment with the purpose of allowing the nervous system to function without interference. For many, this is still done by hand. Throughout the years, there have been instruments developed that are either used in place of or assisting with the adjustments.

Technique - Just as there are different approaches to the chiropractic care they render, there are a variety of techniques for the chiropractic adjustments. The body will tend to have certain patterns of dysfunction unique to the individual. There are specific techniques developed to address patterns of dysfunction in certain ways. Some techniques strictly use the hands while others use instruments or levers on tables to assist with the adjustment. The type of technique used by the chiropractor is unique to the doctor. Common techniques used at The Joint Chiropractic are called “diversified,” “activator” and “drop table” adjusting. While others are certainly utilized, again, the exact type is doctor dependent.

The Joint Chiropractic focuses on improving the quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care. The Joint Chiropractic provides chiropractic care with the intention of individuals having healthier and happier lives in a way that works for their lifestyle. Drop in to see how The Joint can help you help yourself, your health and your life.

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