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How to Make Short Work of Long-Standing Pain

By Dr. Molly Casey

Back Pain and Chiropractic

Nagging, aching low back pain can become something you learn to live with. After all, you’ve had it forever and now it is simply the norm to you. Should you do anything about it? Can you do anything about it? Because you’ve had it so long, can it even -- or ever -- go away?

This is a common scenario in the chiropractic office. First-time patients come in with this dilemma and veteran patients will ask these questions with regard to those they love. And guess what? Chiropractic can help!

Common, Not Normal

One of the most important things to realize in health and life is that much of what folks deem as normal is not. Normal and common are two different things. Something can be common and not normal. What I’ve found throughout the years in practice is that because many folks experience back and/or neck pain regularly, they begin to accept it as the norm. And it’s not.

Common literally means to be found or occurring often. Normal is conforming to a standard, to be expected. It often occurs (common) that people in this society experience long-standing back and/or neck pain. However, it does not make it the expected state of all being to have chronic back and/or neck pain (this would be normal). The differentiation matters because it can -- and often is -- a factor as to whether or not someone seeks care to correct the issue.

Long-Standing Pain

You are meant to be healthy. Your body is not designed to be in pain. When certain things are occurring in the body, the nociceptive receptors are stimulated and you experience pain. Pain is an indicator that something larger is going on. And funny enough, it’s not even the greatest indicator; it’s often the last indicator that something is off.

The nervous system is your communication highway. It’s how your brain and body communicate with each other. Your level of nervous system functioning dictates the level of health you experience. Approximately 10 percent of the nervous system transmits pain, 90 percent does not. I often say to my patients that pain is often the last symptom to come about and the first to go away.

Long-standing pain is an indicator to me that the nervous system and spine has been under an undue amount of stress for a significant period of time. It lets me know that the patient likely will be experiencing other negative health issues and perhaps be totally unaware of them.

Chiropractic Care

Yes, chiropractic care can help those who struggle with long-standing pain. The chiropractic adjustment restores motion to segmental spinal joints and facilitates proper nervous system function. When the body is given more mobility and a decrease in nervous system interference, incredible things can happen, including the diminishing -- or resolution -- of what was thought to be chronic pain one needed to live with.

Every person and body is different. If you’ve created a story in your head about the normality of long-standing pain, or know someone who has, it’s time to come into The Joint Chiropractic. Let us see if we can help you in your journey of healing and feeling better.

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