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Is Healthy Living Enough? A Surprising Answer

By Dr. Molly Casey

Is Being Healthy Enough?

In more than a decade’s worth of providing chiropractic care, I’ve heard a lot of excuses. One of them is this: “I eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, and take my supplements -- I don’t need chiropractic care.” Maybe you’ve said it or maybe you’ve thought it or maybe you’ve heard it. It doesn’t hold water with the truth or me. Let me explain.

How Does Your Body Operate?

Your body operates through your nervous system. Every single function on every level that occurs involves this system in some way at some point. It is your communication system. The brain speaks to every cell, system, structure, and organ through the spine and miles of nerves that exist in the body. Those same cells, system, structure, and organs communicate back to the brain through the same nerve path.

Why Is ‘Healthy Living’ Not Enough?

The short answer here is that unless your nervous system is running optimally, no matter what you do in your daily life, you will not be as healthy as you can be. Those daily routines, one could argue, are to a degree, pointless.

Think about this. Let’s say you spend thousands of dollars on organic food, clean water, gym classes and supplements (which is totally possible) and you regularly eat, drink, practice and consume these things. If your digestive tract is only functioning at 65 percent because of years of nervous system interference or sluggishness, the cells’ potential to absorb and function at best is only 65 percent. That’s a lot of wasted energy and money in my book.

So I ask you the question, is healthy living enough? Is healthy living most efficient and effective if you pay no attention to the function of your nervous system? Do you wish to waste the time and money you put into the healthy living simply because you’ve ignored the basic tenets of how your body operates prior to ingesting anything?

What Interferes With Nervous System Function?

One of the most common ways the nervous system is interfered with is through improper spinal joint motion and function. The spine houses and protects the nervous system. When this structure is not moving or functioning in the way it is intended, it is logical to infer that the system it houses will not do so either; there will be interference.

The structural interference is an often overlooked cause of less than optimal health. Addressing the health of the structure that houses the nervous system is a simple, profound way that can affect the quality of one’s health and life. So how do you do that?

Chiropractic Care: Get Checked!

Chiropractors facilitate optimal nervous system function and thus promote the overall health of the human body. This is done by addressing the health and function of the spinal joints. When the chiropractor finds the restriction in range of motion or dysfunction of the spinal joints, the tool of correction is the chiropractic adjustment. It’s done by hand and is a very conservative approach to optimal health care.

All sorts of pain and chronic health issues have been known to resolve or be relieved following regular chiropractic adjustments as the nervous system function increases. In addition, it can be logically inferred that functions such as digestive health and absorption would increase as the appropriately correlating spinal segments are adjusted.

Again, are healthy living practices enough for optimal health? Professionally and personally, my answer to that question is no. If you’re looking for the healthiest, longest life possible, make sure that you are regularly getting checked and adjusted for optimal spinal health that results in optimal nervous system function. If you’re already engaged in great healthy practices, make sure to stop into The Joint Chiropractic to let the doctors of chiropractic see how they can help you help yourself even more!

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