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Want Good Health? Focus on the Relationship With Your Body

By Dr. Molly Casey

Healthy Relationships

Your life is based on relationships. Everything in your life is about relationships. Everything. You obviously have relationships with people, but you also have relationships with things. The definition of relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. You have a relationship with your body and how you interact with your body will determine your relationship with it.

What Is Health?

There is no one spot or place that an individual gets to in life and, at that point, we know they have reached health. That’s not how it works. So what is health? Health is a journey, not a destination. Understanding and embracing this foundational truth is the first step in the process of having the best possible experience in your body.

Your relationship with your body determines your relationship with health and your experience in this life. Clearly, in American society there are common significant health issues such as obesity, diabetes, chronic pain and fatigue. When looking for the root issues, much of it comes down to one’s relationship with their body.

Keys to Your Relationship

The key to having the best experience in any relationship is always optimal communication; that’s true whether it is in the form of verbal communication between two people or electrical impulses -- such as that between the brain and the rest of the body. The better your communication, the better and greater ease of function. The more exceptional the two in the relationship (you and your body) can function, the more stress it can handle without systems breaking down or dysfunction occurring.

The second key to an optimal relationship is consistent engagement. Aside from the pure lack of knowing the truths about the nervous system and one’s health, I find that lacking consistent engagement with one’s body is a significant barrier to a fulfilling journey of health. People don’t regularly check in with, and assess how, their body is functioning. Does it feel tired? Is it bloated and irritated after certain meals? Are you really giving it the essentials it requires -- chiropractic adjustments, adequate water, proper nutrition, consistent and quality sleep. It’s not rational to expect an optimal relationship with one’s body and experience with health if a person checks in only when there is a problem. That is equivalent to expecting a car to always perform phenomenally but never doing any maintenance until a dashboard light appears; there’s a reason you’re supposed to get your oil changed regularly.

The third key is aligned action -- based on present state of affairs -- directed toward a vision of the desired results. When you realize you don’t like where you’re at -- you want to weigh less, your mobility is decreased, you don’t have ideal flexibility and stamina or endurance -- you must actually do something different to create different, and this action must be taken regularly. One doesn’t walk a journey of a thousand miles simply by taking one step; it’s one step over and over and over again.

Chiropractic Quality of Life

Chiropractic is about maximizing your relationship with your body, about living your best possible life through the healthiest and most optimally functioning vehicle possible. Regular chiropractic adjustments promote proper nervous system function, which is the single greatest key to the relationship with your self. Regularly getting your spine checked and adjusted helps you remain engaged with the relationship of your body and health and acting in alignment with them.

While this all may sound quite simple, few find it easy. The tenets of optimal health are not rocket science. They do however require time, effort, consistency, engagement and action. Only you have control over those elements for yourself.

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