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How to Become the Healthiest You

By Dr. Molly Casey

Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how your body heals from a cut, repairs a broken bone, gets rid of the virus you’ve been suffering with? Have you ever pondered the number of illnesses or health abnormalities you don’t suffer because your immune system and body has worked optimally and been able to fend off things to keep you as healthy as it can? Have you ever wondered about the process of a human developing? Maybe yes, maybe no. While the detailed answers for each of these questions are far too complex for this article, there is one common foundation upon which all of these answers are built: There is an innate intelligence of the body that runs the show.

The Body’s Innate Intelligence

Your body has an intelligence that is inherently present from the moment of conception. During healthy pregnancies -- although there are milestones and progress checkups along with proper health care and routine at home -- most cases don’t require intervention. The fertilized egg processes information, multiplies, divides, grows, and systems develop. This occurs naturally. There is an intelligence present and we humans don’t need to intervene in the process to assure it does or does not occur. Some of the first cells to develop turn into the neural groove and tube; they later turn into the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). These cells from origination direct the development process. The central nervous system is the structure through which that intelligence operates. This is seen in every moment as the brain sends all its messages down the spinal cord, out nerves into every cell, system, organ and structure in your body. Those messages are instructing function. Those cells, systems, organs and structures also send information back through the spinal cord to the brain.

Back to the Basics

Masters of anything constantly return to the basics. The elite athletes, business owners, musicians, or experts in anything will tell you it is in the repetition and consistency of practicing the basics that first gives the most solid foundation of the sport or trade. Second, it is with this repetition and consistency of the basics that leads to the ability to grow in one’s finer skills. Conditioning is a basic on the basketball court; the sprints, the running, the endurance are very basic components that the true athlete can’t let slip if they are looking to keep and improve their game. They can practice with the team running every option in the playbook, but if they aren’t conditioned enough to handle the single-most basic requirement of optimal endurance, the plays don’t matter. The innate energy of the body is your single greatest basic building block of your existence and your health.

Less Is More

So often in life we try to complicate things in order to make them better, yet it is in the complication that we really screw things up. Not always, but more often than not, less is more. You have heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen,” right? In this society where so much is available to us in such a short time, mixed with an enormous desire for instant gratification in every way, things often become overcomplicated and messed up -- not because of a lack of options or interventions, but rather too many. Health is no different. In fact, most folks -- to increase their level of health -- don’t need to add things to their life, but rather need to take things out and look to embrace the less-is-more approach. It must be practiced with repetition and consistency and folks must be patient in assessing and waiting for the results.

Chiropractic and the Basics

Chiropractic care is about allowing the innate intelligence of the body to work with the least amount of interference, it’s about going back to the basics, and it’s about the less-is-more approach. Chiropractic simply and profoundly acknowledges that the innate intelligence of the body directs all health and healing. The chiropractic adjustment restores joint motion and stimulates elements of the nervous system and brain in order to promote better nervous system communication. In doing this, the body’s communication improves, as does all body function and overall health. Chiropractic is about removal of communication interference. The adjustments are done with repetition and consistency over a lifetime.

When any system has consistently improved communication, it is quite likely -- over a period of time -- that health and overall function will need less intervention throughout the course of its lifetime, but to what degree is dependent upon many other factors. At the most foundational level, by consistently assessing and improving your nervous system communication through regular chiropractic adjustments, you’ll be utilizing the tried and true approach of “back to basics” and operating within the realm of less is more with the application of more intervention taking place only as truly needed. These are tried and true approaches. Is there sometimes the need for something more? Yes. But first, let’s start at the foundation like all elite performers.

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