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A Positive Touch: How to Achieve Better Health

By Dr. Molly Casey

Remove Stress From Your Life

Life does not feel normal for many right now -- most, if I dare say. While some are still out doing essential work, others have been homebound for about two months. However, no matter your situation, all are affected at some level. I have always maintained we’re all in the same boat, but last week I heard someone say that we are all in the same boat but we are not all weathering the same storm. I thought this was far more accurate. There are basics from a mindset, logic, and wellness perspective that, if followed, can help minimize the amount of stress you consume and help mitigate whatever stress you can’t escape.

Get Facts

The global population is affected right now whether in shutdown mode or in physical crisis. Even outside of this large-scale event that is occurring, a very common thing for humans to do is to operate off of what their friend or mom or sister or brother told them, random internet articles, and news outlets.

For instance, I can’t tell you how many times in my nearly 15 years in practice that someone has walked in sincerely thinking they have cancer, a brain tumor, or in need of immediate spine surgery because of some severe pain they were experiencing and what they were told by a friend who had a similar experience or an article they read on the internet. When I care for these patients, none of whom ever had things they claimed, I direct them to go with the facts. Stop reading the internet medical sites to diagnose yourself and slow down taking medical advice from your well-meaning accountant sister or office co-worker.

We are served best when we are dealing with facts. In the United States, the best we can do for facts is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website here. However, it is extremely important when looking at statistics and data to read the fine print and ensure numbers aren’t being lumped in together from one issue to another. When looking at ratios, create some of your own, look at total cases for a state and then compare to the total number of people in your state. The point is to look at the facts as best you can and dig a little deeper so that comparisons are apples to apples. You are capable.

Limit Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes; it looks one way to one person and another to the next. So some of this will require you to do a bit of reflection for yourself as to what makes you feel uneasy, triggered, stressed and fearful. Then do your very best to decrease exposure to those things. Sometimes you won’t be able to cut them out but you can limit them.

One primary line of exposure to fear is the media. I have contact with many patients and watch what occurs as they report their levels of health and feelings of security and peace throughout their day and lives. One consistent theme is that they watch the news and get considerably riled. Limit your exposure to news that’s aggravating and any other stress you can. Likewise, make sure the news you consume is trustworthy.

Increase Positivity and Joy

Find joy in the small things and look for ways to be positive and grateful. Laugh as much as possible. All of these things help to decrease stress and also release chemicals in the body that promote happiness and health. Being on a mission to increase positivity and seeking joyful moments can be a ridiculous challenge right now, but that’s OK. You can do it. Reconnect with old friends and family through conversations. Reach out to someone you feel may be having a hard time to check in on them. Reflect on your life and where you’re at -- are you happy? Is it time to make some much needed changes? Or write a gratitude list daily? Practicing positivity, joy and gratitude takes work but can be major game changers in this time -- and your life overall. There are good things in horribly hard situations.

Take Care of Your Body

Pay attention to your body. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and simply say, “Oh well, I can’t go anywhere so I won’t work out, I’ll drink daily, and watch as much television as possible.” Don’t get me wrong, give yourself a little break. Right now may not be the time for personal bests in your workout routines. It can, however, be the time you implement a routine of stretching for 15 minutes twice daily because you’re not at the gym lifting weights. Or maybe you start walking every day, starting with 15 minutes because you’ve done no movement except to and from the office for the last five years. Maybe you finally implement drinking half your body weight in water and it becomes so habitual it sticks with you the rest of your life. The point is that you can still take good care of your body in hard situations. You may have to adapt a bit, it can be done though.

This is a time when many need extra care and support. The doctors at The Joint Chiropractic are essential workers and they are in the office to care for you during this time. They are focusing on safety and support. Stop in, let them help you help yourself to make it through this time as healthily and as sane as possible.

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