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Changes That Help Healthy Habits Stick

By Sara Butler

Stay Healthy Long Term

Everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone knows how to make their plans stick in the long-term. The really simple habits that can help you to stay healthy -- flossing, drinking plenty of water, making sure to see your chiropractor for regular check-ups -- can become a part of your life with a few simple tricks.

Here are some hacks that can help keep you healthy over the long haul.

Do the Floss

When you floss regularly, you avoid bad breath, remove plaque from between your teeth, and help your teeth and gums to stay healthy, but the benefits don’t stop there. Practicing good oral hygiene also helps to contribute to your overall health.

There is a link between the health of your heart and your teeth. Studies have found evidence of an increased risk of heart disease in those who suffer from periodontal disease -- a disease of the gums. Many researchers believe the connection between the mouth and the heart exists due to the increased levels of inflammation that exist when you have an infection. Inflammation can impact your cardiovascular system, leading to issues.

You can make flossing a part of your healthy habits by:

  • Keeping it with you - You’ll have an easier time remembering to floss if you have it on hand. Keep floss in your bag, car, bedside table, or desk so you can floss when you think about it.
  • Create a routine - Now that you have a floss stash, you can make flossing a part of your daily routine. Do this by flossing during your daily commute (but not right next to someone -- that’s gross) or flossing each night before bed or right after lunch. If you can pick a time to do it each day, then it’ll become second nature.
  • Remind yourself - Creating a new healthy habit takes time, so make sure to create a reminder for yourself. Leave a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or schedule an alarm on your phone to remind you to floss.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure your continued good health, but according to the Centers for Disease Control, Americans only drink about 1.8 cups of water each day when they should be drinking a lot more.

You should drink at least half of your total body weight in ounces of water per day to help maintain your health. Drinking enough water helps your body to:

  • Maintain crucial fluid balance for important body functions such as digestion, circulation, body temperature regulation, and transportation of nutrients
  • Provide energy to your muscles by helping them to maintain a vital balance of electrolytes
  • Help your kidneys to function as they should
  • Support proper brain function

If you know you’re not drinking enough water per day, then there are some easy steps you can take to improve your consumption. You can:

  • Get a water bottle - This may sound simple, but it works. Get a water bottle you like to carry with you everywhere and you’ll find that your daily water intake only goes up.
  • Create some incentives - Make a game out of your water consumption! If you can drink the goal you set for yourself each day for seven days, then give yourself a treat. You deserve it.
  • There’s an app for that - There are several apps available that help you track your water intake. Download one and track your daily progress.
  • Make it a breakfast habit - When you wake up in the morning, don’t reach for a cup of coffee. Before you do anything else, start your day off with a glass of water. It will help you to wake up and get you started on your daily intake goal.

Regular Chiropractic Care

Ongoing care through the chiropractor is a must for your overall health. Only you can work with your chiropractor to understand how often you must be seen to address your specific needs, but there are some easy ways to make sure you get the care you need when you need it.

The benefits of regular chiropractic care include:

  • Support natural recovery - Chiropractic care is natural and non-invasive, so it’s a natural way to support your body to do what it was made to do -- heal itself
  • Improved immunity - Some studies have found that regular chiropractic care can help to reduce chronic inflammation, which can then help to support an optimally functioning immune system
  • Improved sleep - When you work with the chiropractor, then you work to eliminate joint dysfunctions that can lead to pain that often keeps you up at night. Resolving these dysfunctions can lead to better sleep!

To ensure you get the best care possible, you should:

  • Ask questions - The chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic are here to help and they love to educate patients, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want about your care or your health.
  • Keep good notes - If you have something going on that you feel needs to be addressed by the chiropractor, then make sure to keep a notebook handy to outline your symptoms and your frequency. The chiropractors love to have all the information they can get to help you!
  • Drop by when you can - One of the best things about The Joint Chiropractic is that there is no appointment necessary. Set a reminder on your phone to drop in when you need to.

How to Keep Going

Of course, people will hit snags along the way to healthy habit success, but what’s important to remember is that you shouldn’t give up. Ease into forming new healthy habits by making sure not to take on too many at once. Remember that results won’t be seen overnight, and you may slip up when things start to get busy in your life. Don’t feel like you have to go back to square one, simply recognize the snag and then keep going!

The truth is that it’s not about willpower or motivation, you simply need to focus on the routine of building your healthy habits and you’ll be well on your way to success!

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