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Why Chiropractic for Seniors Matters to Quality of Life

By Dr. Molly Casey

Seniors and Quality of Life

One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care is that it is safe and effective for people of all ages. As humans go through different stages of life, common physical issues can sometimes be related to the stages. When young and learning to walk, falls are common. For kids who sit all day in school looking down at computer screens, they commonly have chronic postural issues. The same goes for the elderly.

Let’s look at ways in which regular chiropractic care can benefit patients as they head into senior life.

Immune System Boost

The brain communicates to every single cell, organ, structure and system within the body and controls what each of them does. Those cells, organs, structures and systems communicate back to the brain. The better this communication loop functions, the better the cells, organs, structures and systems function. This includes the immune system. The spine houses and protects this communication system. When the spinal joints are restricted in range of motion or the spine is not functioning in the manner intended, it interferes with the communication system’s ability to function optimally.

Research shows that with an adjustment to the lower cervical spine (neck) and upper thoracic spine (upper back), there is a boost in immune system function. As folks get older it is important to ensure that the immune system is functioning as well as it possibly can; we get or stay healthy because of how well -- or not well -- that immune system functions.

Range of Motion and Flexibility

People often tend to move less as they get older. Because work life is sedentary for many people, it is common after years of this behavior that the body starts showing the effects of inactivity and lack of intended motion.

Joints are meant to move. The body is comprised of approximately 360 joints, which proves it is designed to twist, bend, raise, lower, stretch, contort … to move! When the joints are not moving the way they’re intended, they become stiff, restricted, and lose overall mobility. When this occurs, the muscles that attach into the joints are negatively affected and often lose flexibility and function. Although this is a negative aspect of getting older with years of sedentary lifestyle and lack of joint motion adding up, chiropractic adjustments address this problem. Chiropractors can restore joint range of motion, which promotes joint function, optimal nervous system communication, and muscle flexibility.

Balance and Coordination

It is well known that falls are common for seniors. It happens. Joints are full of something called proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are sensory receptors that tell the body where it is in space and position. For instance, one’s ability to close their eyes and stand on one foot without falling over is dependent upon proprioceptors telling the body where both of your feet are and how to adjust the weight side to side and stabilize the foot on the ground to stay balanced.

When joints are injured or not moving through their full range of motion and functioning at their best, balance and coordination can be negatively affected and falls can result. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations promote proper proprioception functioning; it stimulates them. As a result, chiropractic care can assist in promoting better balance and coordination.

Pain Relief

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the healing process naturally. One common side effect of the chiropractic adjustment is pain relief. That goes for any age. When function is restored to the joints and the brain is able to speak most effectively with the body -- and vice versa -- the body can relax because the pain receptors are no longer stimulated and ease ensues.

We all know and love some seniors. Age shouldn’t stop them from getting the natural health care they deserve. Drop into The Joint Chiropractic to let the doctors help the seniors you love experience a better quality of life.

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