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Here’s Why Chiropractic Provides Hope for Those Who Need Health

By Dr. Molly Casey

Is There Hope to Heal

Suffering from chronic physical issues can kill hope and belief that things can get better. When pain and lack of function have been around long enough, they can wear at you mentally and distort what is true. When things get bad enough for long enough, it is common that people will stop seeking help to improve the situation because it feels like they’ve done everything but still can’t get relief. They give up.

People frequently come into chiropractic having tried everything else and feel they are at the end of the road. Is there any hope?

Hope for Healing

Hope is defined as the desire for something to happen or to be the case. When chronic pain doesn’t subside, it is understandable to lose the expectation -- the hope -- that things may actually get better. Unfortunately, that desire is often drowned by the constant pain and lack of results.

Most doctors today agree that there is a link between the mind and body. To heal, to progress and move forward, there must be a desire or an expectation to do so.

So for healing to occur, hope must be present. And there should be when seeing a chiropractor. When patients lacking hope present themselves, chiropractors can offer them hope based on the doctor’s knowledge, experience, and/or belief.

Hope always exists even if the patient can’t see or feel it.


Chiropractic deals in hope because, at its core, it resolves health issues at the root cause using the power of the body itself. It doesn’t rely on medication to serve as a band-aid for symptoms, but harnesses the power of the body to function as it was intended.

Chiropractors believe this power is a life force within the body that they call “innate intelligence” from which the body was made, developed, functions, and heals. This energy lives in the brain and runs through the central nervous system and throughout the body. Consider that after conception, a mother does not need to think about every single stage of development of the fetus until the baby is born; during the development of the child -- or even functioning and healing throughout the life of a human -- the body knows what to do. Another example is that a scratch will scab over and heal itself by itself. Chiropractors simply run on a premise that there is an innate intelligence to the body. Bodies function and heal better when that innate intelligence is running without interference.

If life is present, the innate intelligence is alive within the body and healing is possible. Sure, optimal communication and the right environment has to be present for the healing to occur, but if life is present it means there is hope because that life force exists. Chiropractic promotes optimal communication throughout the body by removing spinal and structural interference.

Although the body is an amazing structure with an incredible intelligence and capacity to heal itself, sometimes people experience extensive damage for many years. This means the other component to understand is progress, and that hope through healing may appear different than what we want to see or hear.

Sometimes healing may be in the form of slowing or stopping the progression of said dysfunction. Maybe long-term pain and symptom relief is not going to be a main noticeable result. Maybe the main result is that things are stopped from getting worse and the relief is temporary between chiropractic visits. But isn’t this better? We must be realistic regarding the damage we have done to our body, how long we’ve done it, and what healing may look like.

The truth is that, in order to bring the healing we desire, sometimes we simply need to go see new people with different experiences. Sometimes, we need to be willing to believe others because of their experience, expertise, and results, and let them provide the hope for us and our healing. No matter what, don’t give up hope.

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