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Bikinis, Backs, and Beer: Tips for Surviving Spring Break

By Sara Butler

Bikinis, Backs, and Beer: Tips for Surviving Spring Break

Spring break is something students look forward to all year long. For many, it serves as a much-needed break from the stress of school and the monotony of everyday life. It’s not only a break for the brain, it’s a break for the spirit, too.

The reality is that while spring break adventures may revolve around fun, there are some real dangers facing spring breakers. Alcohol consumption and binge drinking are two dangers that most parents and students are aware of, but there are more things college students need to be aware of when they’re heading to an unfamiliar city.

Where Students Go for Spring Break

Most college-aged students will make a break for sunnier places when their spring break rolls around. Some of the most popular spring break destinations for the younger crowd include places such as Las Vegas, Daytona Beach, South Padre Island, Panama City, Miami, Jamaica, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. All places where they can soak up plenty of sun and fun.

The Dangers of Spring Break

As many parents fear, spring break isn’t only a time to go someplace warm, it’s also a time for college kids to party. Underage drinking can run especially rampant at spring break hot spots. This can lead to even more dangerous situations, such as alcohol abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, and alcohol poisoning.

To help kids stay safe, parents should urge them to follow some simple safety tips, including:

Use the buddy system - Let your kids know they should never leave a party with someone they don’t know, nor should they go alone. They should always have a friend with them and let others know where they’re going and who they will be with. Although important for all, it’s especially important for women, and especially important outside the United States.

Drink safely - If they’re going to drink alcohol, then ask them to have at least one friend who is willing to either stay sober or drink minimally so that they can keep an eye out for others in the group. Also, encourage them never to accept a drink from someone they don’t know and to always keep their cup or drink with them. Anything they drink should be poured in front of them so that they know what is in it. This can help to avoid getting drugged by strangers who wish to do them harm.

Be smart with personal information - They shouldn’t give their hotel information, such as their room number, to strangers they just met. It’s difficult to understand at a young age that there are people with dangerous intentions who prey on the goodness of others, but it’s an important concept for young people to grasp to protect themselves.

Never drink and drive - This is true any time of the year, but especially on spring break. Encourage your kids to get a taxi or a rideshare if they’re going to be out drinking with friends. They should never drink and then get behind the wheel of a car, nor should they get in a car with someone driving who has been drinking.

Keep your ID on you - When traveling, it’s vital to always have your ID on you. If they lose their ID or passport while traveling, then they’ll have trouble checking into hotels and even traveling between places, so it’s super important.

Be careful when swimming - Especially for those who are imbibing alcohol, caution should be used in and around the water. Let them know they should never swim when alone, nor should they swim after dark. They also shouldn’t be swimming if they’re intoxicated.

Chiropractic Tips for College Students

Now that most of the tips for responsible partying are out of the way, there are several chiropractic tips for college students who are going on spring break that can help to keep them healthy and return ready to learn and finish the academic year strong. These tips include:

Get chiropractic care - Before they go on spring break and after they return, students should work with their chiropractors to ensure their bodies are moving well and working optimally. Spring break often brings adventure and a lot of physical activity such as swimming, hiking, and golf. Chiropractic care may help in recovering from all of this physical stress.

Stay hydrated - No matter where they’re going and what they’re doing, they should have a water bottle with them. This is particularly important in warmer climates where they will sweat more and need more water to keep up with proper hydration. If they are drinking alcohol, they should make sure to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

Wear sunscreen - Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so make sure it’s protected from the sun with sunscreen. Even on an overcast day, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm the skin, so it’s important to apply before going out and to reapply every few hours. Protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses are also must-haves for all spring breakers.

Don’t overpack - If you pack it, then that means you have to lug it around with you. Even young people who have yet to experience back pain should endeavor not to overpack their bags. They should use bags with wheels when they can and properly pack backpacks so that the weight they carry is evenly distributed.

Stretch - No matter if they’re traveling in a car or on a plane, stretching is important on long journeys. Encourage your spring breaker to get up, move around, and stretch often. Neck pillows are also great for trips to help support the neck and allow rest when traveling.

At the end of the day, college-age kids are adults and will make decisions on their own. You can prepare them as best you can to navigate the world safely, but it’s their experiences that will teach them the most. Still, don’t think your voice isn’t being heard when you help your children to understand how to stay safe while still having fun. You may be surprised by what they remember and what they put into practice even when they’re not with you.

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