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Super High-Tech Fitness Gadgets for the Rich

By Genevieve Cunningham

Super High-Tech Fitness Gadgets for the Rich

Bringing technology into the fitness industry isn’t exactly new. At one point in time, at-home videos were considered high-tech. When the internet took over the world, it took over fitness as well. Finding a good workout became as easy as clicking a button. In 2009, the fitness world got a little more high-tech with the introduction of the first Fitbit tracker device. And since then? Fitness apps, fitness equipment, smart phones, online personal training. Technology in fitness has soared.

Luckily, today’s fitness technology is a lot more exciting than an at-home DVD or a YouTube video. There are options everywhere, and so many of our modern fitness gadgets look like a ton of fun. So should you invest? And if you decide to take the plunge, where should you begin?

Why Is Fitness Technology Important?

Before you determine which new gadget to try, you may be wondering: Should I worry about fitness tech at all? Some people look at technology in the fitness world and consider it a luxury. And in some sense, that’s certainly true. We don’t actually need technology to run a mile or go for a walk or exercise in other simple ways. So why is technology important?

  • Convenience - Technology makes working out more convenient. Instead of heading to the gym, technology makes it possible to go no further than your own bedroom. A home workout with the best technology is quick, easy, and effective.
  • Efficiency - Technology allows us to track just about everything. Heart rate, distance, speed, calories burned, weight loss, and more. The more precise we are with our goals, the more efficient we can make our workouts to meet those goals moving forward.
  • Motivation - Most people like high-tech gadgets, whether they’re fitness related or not. This means working out becomes a bit more exciting, keeping us motivated to use the device, thus getting us in better shape.

Do we need technology? No, we can certainly exercise without it. But if you can afford it, the ease, efficiency, and yes -- luxury -- may be worth the investment.

High Tech Health Gadgets for Rich People

If breaking out your checkbook doesn’t give you anxiety, then once you determine that fitness technology should be in your life, it’s time for the fun part. It’s time to dig into the many options. Luckily, there are fitness tech options for just about everyone, fitness enthusiasts and ordinary Joes alike.

Fitness Trackers

Even if you don’t want to go all in with the Apple watch, there are so many fitness trackers that keep up with everything you could possibly need to know. They’ll track distance, speed, heart rate, steps, progress, and more. And all you have to do is wear it on your wrist or around your chest. For newbies, this may be the best and smartest first step into the world of high-tech fitness.


The Peloton bike has been around a while now, but it just keeps getting better. In fact, Peloton is less of a gadget and more of a community. When you become a member, Peloton offers workout classes, scenery for your ride, videos, and even a leaderboard through their attached touch screen tablet. The Peloton is pricey. You’ll spend a minimum of about $1,500. And with the add-ons -- cleats, weights, a bike mat, and more -- this is one of those health gadgets that is a long-term investment.

Smart Rope

A smart rope is exactly what it sounds like -- a high-tech jump rope. Instead of a typical $5 jump rope from the kids’ section, this jump rope costs almost $100. It has LED lights and can count both the number of swings and the calories burned. However, the reviews are mixed. Although some love the high tech spin on an old favorite, others find it to be a bit difficult to really use. If you have the means, you may consider giving it a try. After all, jumping rope is one of the most effective and exhausting forms of cardio out there.

Smart Boxing Gloves

Boxing can be an incredible workout. Those who love it really love it. With smart boxing gloves, training can be taken to a whole new level. After purchasing the gloves, all you’ll need to do is download and connect to an app. The boxing gloves and app combination can then help create a training plan, track force, speed, and calories. And for those of you who fantasize about floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, these smart gloves even learn your particular boxing style to make your training the most effective.

Smart Mirror

Yes, even your mirror can be high tech. Smart fitness mirrors aren’t cheap. They’ll set you back thousands of dollars, so definitely do your research. Most mirror options offer some form of online classes or an online personal trainer. They’ll also customize workout plans, rep counting, and personal tracking. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a mirror -- space and price being the most obvious. But if you really like the idea of technology and fitness meeting you in your bedroom, a fitness mirror may be a great option.

Are Fitness Gadgets Effective?

It’s one thing to say that fitness gadgets are fun and motivating, but effectiveness is another story. Do they really get us in better shape? Or are they just toys to keep it interesting? The research suggests that fitness gadgets may actually be effective in helping us reach goals and improve health. Many cardiologists believe that technology such as fitness trackers may be an excellent tool for heart health. Some studies show that fitness technology can help motivate us away from a sedentary lifestyle. The ultimate conclusion seems to be that fitness gadgets, much like anything else in fitness, are effective if you use them correctly and consistently.

How to Deal With Soreness and Keep Going

Fitness technology goes beyond the workout. It affects recovery as well. When you get serious about health and fitness, it’s inevitable that soreness will come along with it. Technology has you covered in this area as well. If you’re dealing with soreness, consider looking for a massage gun. Depending on your price point, you can get a massage gun that has varying speeds and pressure, those that are battery operated, others that come with a charger, and even some with a touch display.

Although technology can be fun and effective for recovery, don’t forget about the tried and true methods. Deep stretching, hands-on massage, chiropractic care, and rest are the most effective recovery methods. Sometimes basic is best.

If you like the idea of merging fitness and technology, you’re most certainly in luck. Our modern world is full of options for those with the means. Choose what works best for you, dive into the possibilities, and turn your fitness routine into a new-age habit with new and exciting possibilities.

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