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Find Your Relief and Contribute to Society

Reviewed by: Dr. Steven Knauf, D.C.

By Sarah Butler

Find Your Relief and Contribute to Society

The world is as connected as ever today but can still feel like a lonely place for a lot of people. Social media and other platforms on the internet may connect you to information, and it is possible to find community online, but something else is needed if you want to contribute to your community in a face-to-face way.

Many people find themselves in a position of wanting to give back. Whether it be to their community, their country, or the world, contributing to society is the simple idea that a person is doing something to make the world a little bit better.

There are so many ways to contribute to society and there are many benefits -- on a physical, social, and emotional level -- for those who get involved.

Your doctors at The Joint Chiropractic understand this need to contribute. If you’ve ever wondered about getting involved and making the world a better place, then it’s time to learn exactly what it means and how it can make your little corner of the world better.

What Does It Mean to Contribute to Society and Why Is It Worth It?

Business owners, business leaders in communities, local nonprofits, and other small businesses contribute to society in their own way. But you don’t have to be a part of an organization to do your part. Doing something cooperative can benefit society or your community.

Contributing to society can also mean creating something for others to enjoy, participating in community events or organizations, helping people, and even just being a decent human by giving up your seat on the bus to an older person. All these things are part of society’s gain.

If you wonder what you can do, then you only need to consider how your talents and interests can contribute to the betterment of those around you. Also, don’t forget that being fulfilled in yourself and feeling happy can contribute to making the world a better place.

Is it worth it? That’s only a question you can answer. But expand your mind and consider what you can do locally, nationally, or internationally to make a difference and you may find that you feel better about yourself as a result -- which is motivation to keep doing it.

What Are Big and Small Ways People Can Contribute to Society?

Donating - Donate blood, donate time, donate water, or donate food. Just look around your house for things you no longer need or want and see if there are organizations that could use them. Many places will list what donations they’re looking for online and you can even deduct it from your taxes! Small things can do a lot to support local businesses and nonprofits. Ever seen someone in tattered clothes? Maybe you’ve got some that you’re no longer wearing.

Show kindness - Contributing to society doesn’t have to involve anything tangible, it can be as simple as being kind. Smile at people that you pass on the street, treat people with respect, hold the door open for another, or pick up a piece of trash off the ground. Walk in front of someone at the supermarket? Say “excuse me.” Someone open the door for you? Say “thank you, Sir.” It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

Volunteer - Volunteer work keeps your local community going. You can volunteer at the animal shelter, or the hospital, or even volunteer as an election official on election day. Your donated time may be just what a local business, organization, or nonprofit needs to keep going.

Get energy efficient - Using fewer resources in your community is another small way you can contribute. Greenhouse gases and carbon emissions are destroying the environment, so take public transportation when you can, walk, or ride your bike. Change the lightbulbs in your home and opt for more energy efficient appliances. Make choices that are more environmentally friendly in your everyday life. It’s small but it can add up, especially for the benefit of your kids and grandkids.

If you’re looking for more significant changes that you can make to have an impact and give back, then consider any of the following.

Get involved Social justice has become a hot topic in many communities. Discover ways you can contribute to making the society you live in a more just place for everyone and advance social justice. Participate in local politics, use social media platforms as a tool to share fundraisers or sign petitions, donate money, or just educate yourself and those around you on the work of social justice in your community.

Support local businesses - When you can, shop at small local businesses for goods and services. Prioritize products made in the country in which you live, too. You may discover some amazing things or services.

Is There an Emotional or Physical Benefit to Volunteering and Community Service?

While there are benefits to the community and country that community service and volunteering provide, the biggest benefit to you as a person is how it makes you feel.

Volunteering has been found to reduce stress, provide people with a sense of appreciation and meaning, give people a sense of belonging, help reduce feelings of isolation, and increase confidence. It also helps people to sleep better, have a healthier heart, boost the immune system, and even lower mortality. It’s good for you mentally and physically, which is priceless.

Can You Contribute to Society Without Volunteering?

While volunteering may be an easy way to give back, there are still ways to interact with others without officially volunteering your time. You can empower others easily by helping to support those around you to realize how strong they are and how much potential they truly have.

Just helping those around you is a way to contribute while also getting a big dose of socialization for yourself. Find new opportunities to step up and help those around you.

We can’t all be Taylor Swift and change the world with wildly successful songs and philanthropy, but we can use our talents and interests to make the world a better place to live in, both now and in the future. The key is to tap into what makes sense for you and to just smile while doing it.

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