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How to Cut Through the Negatives in Your Life

By Sandy Schroeder

Perfection is really hard to find, but when the negatives seem to multiply faster than bunny rabbits, it’s time to do something. took a look at this problem recently and suggested some ways to make lifestyle changes that will smooth the way to make you smile again. Really!

I was skeptical, too, but these suggestions just may work. Whatever the negative issues are with people or things, they can turn an average day into a disaster or they can be turned around.

Start right now to change things.

Accept or Discard

Some people and situations are practically cast in stone. You know what the people will say before they open their mouths, and you know exactly how the situation will play out. In those cases, speak up and explain why this bothers you. If the people actually listen and respond, things may change. If not, then it’s up to you to make the call to accept them the way they are and not let it be an endless battle, or simply opt out.

Set Up Boundaries

You may enjoy helping others, and often listen when they come to you with their difficulties, but there are limits. If you are hearing about one issue after another, it’s necessary to set up boundaries. You might explain what is going on in your life and suggest that the two of you talk later. Then when they do call, keep the call short, and ask what they are doing to change things. Simply listening forever won’t benefit you or the person who is complaining if nothing is being done to make changes.

Live Clutter-Free

When you clean a room or remove unnecessary furniture, you may notice how much lighter you feel with less clutter around you. All of the objects around you carry energy which may block your path. When you hang on to everything, including things that may make you uncomfortable, you make it hard for new positive things to happen. Keep the things that make you happy, and let go of the negatives.

Listen Carefully and Respond Calmly

Sometimes it is tempting to lash out or make a startling statement in response to a new situation. Instead, actually listen to what is being said, digest the information, and then respond calmly. When you do this, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary drama, tension, irritation and negative vibes. When everybody speaks calmly and really listens, often negative situations drop way back or fade completely.

In our fast paced society, a lot of things can happen, both positively and negatively. Stay focused, listen carefully, speak calmly and draw lines as you go. When you do, you may feel a lot better as you learn how to let the negatives go.

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