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Use Healthy Eating to Boost Mental Health

By Rachel Carver

Especially these days, it is important to maintain mental health. We take medicine to ease physical pain and find a favorite show to binge for some relaxation. But we don't always know the best way to deal with how we feel. Incorporating some healthy foods into your diet can give you a mental boost.

Eating right is good for our waistline, but it also boosts our good feelings. Healthy food improves concentration and increases clear thinking. Poor diets contribute to fatigue, impaired decision-making, and slower reaction times. And let's not forget processed foods with added sugar can cause weight gain.

Here are some tips to incorporate healthy eating into your life to increase mental sharpness.

Ditch the Processed Foods

Processed foods contain high amounts of sugar and flour. These foods train the brain to crave more, instead of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Removing these foods from your diet will also stop the cravings for them. Season up some boiled eggs for breakfast instead of bringing home doughnuts.

Focus on Foods That Protect Your Brain

Boost your mental health with fruits and vegetables. Try to incorporate them into each meal. Grab a banana for breakfast, and season up some cauliflower rice as a side for dinner. Choose salmon as the protein with the rice. Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which also help improve mood. Dark green leafy vegetables are also great brain food.

Give Yourself a Healthy Gut

The phrase "you are what you eat" carries some truth. The vagus nerve physically links our gut and brain. This allows them to communicate with each other The brain uses neurochemicals produced by the gut to regulate physiological and mental processes, including mood. So, incorporating foods like yogurt that contains healthy gut bacteria will make you happier and lessen your chances of depression.

Pay Attention to Your Eating

Pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Because many of us eat in front of screens, we focus more on other tasks instead of on our food. Stepping away to practice mindful eating will help you get to know when you are full or if something does not agree well with you. Mindful eating can also help determine the reason for your hunger. Raised stress levels often create feelings of hunger, which can be dealt with by writing down your feelings or taking a quick walk around the office.

Along with exercise, regular social interaction with family and friends, and finding hobbies you enjoy, a balanced diet will improve your mental health.

To learn more about boosting your mental health, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Mesa, Ariz.

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