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The Top 5 Motivational Killers

No one wakes up in the morning determined to have an unproductive day, yet it happens to everyone. You sit at your desk letting the hours tick by because there is no motivation to get your to-do list done. Here are five motivation killers to watch out for. Try to tackle them before they kill your productivity for the day.

#1 – Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is one of the most common motivational killers. You may not even realize that you have the fear of failing. The best way to overcome this fear is to realize that there is no true failure in whatever you are doing. If you bomb a meeting or lose a client, it is not ideal, but it can turn into a learning experience for you to achieve something even greater. Look at each new opportunity as a time to succeed or a time to learn, instead of a time to fail.

#2 – Negative News and People

Negative news and people are draining on your energy and time. If you make it a habit to read or watch the news each morning, it may be the time to make a new habit. Starting your day off with bad news can hinder your productivity for the rest of the day. The same goes with negative people. If your co-worker or friend is full of negative comments or life drama, then try your best to minimize the time you spend or talk with them.

#3 – Inaction

Can’t find the motivation to get started on a project? Then that is where your problem lies. If you aren’t being active in starting a project, then you will never get motivated to finish it. Try this simple tip. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just dive into whatever project you are procrastinating on. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you do not have to complete the project. You simply just have to get yourself active. Many times you will get a good start and end up finishing your project way after the timer goes off.

#4 – Don’t Live in the Past or Future

Many people can get stuck in the past and focus all of their energy dwelling on past mistakes or victories. This is the same reason why many successful first-time authors are not as successful when their next book come out. They get stuck in the past success of their first book. Also, if you live too much in the future, then you can get stuck daydreaming about the amazing possibilities that can happen, rather than doing the work to make them happen. Focus on the day’s tasks and nothing else.

#5 – Hormones

Hormones can play a big part on your motivation. One symptom of low testosterone, or low T, is difficulty with motivation or having a hard time completing daily tasks. Your lack of motivation may not be your fault at all. You can have your testosterone levels tested at the Low T Center for assistance to whether your testosterone levels are keeping you back.

Don’t let these five motivational killers ruin your productivity. Start your day with a plan and tackle your least favorite task first. This will help your productivity to soar the rest of the day.


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