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Are You Becoming a Desk Jockey?


When I saw a recent article on the current issue of why we are all sitting too much, the label ‘Desk Jockey’ turned up.

Lifehack tells us the Desk Jockey Posture is one that sees us slumped over with rounded shoulders, rotated hands, hips rolled forward and the low back leaning forward in a stretched position. I have to confess as I read the description I started adjusting my posture to straighten up and avoid the pose!

We all know how easy it is to slide into a sagging posture when we spend lots of hours in front of a computer. Then the bad posture sets us up for pain in shoulders, elbows, neck, headache, upper and lower back, hips and knees. Learning new ways to move away from this posture is crucial. If you stay in this posture long enough, the muscles and joints change and the desk jockey posture can become the new norm.

Ways To Turn Things Around

Start with a look at your daily schedule and begin working in sitting breaks as you move around for meetings, breaks, walks and discussions. Each time you sit down again, you can do a few posture stretches to remind you of where your body should be.

You can also do a quick workplace assessment, making sure you are sitting straight in your chair with your back supported, feet flat on the floor, looking straight ahead with the screen at eye level. You might consider adding earphones too or trying out new exercise options like small pedal devices that fit under the desk or treadmill and standing desks.

Corrective Posture Exercises To Try

Lifehack suggests specific ways to make good posture the norm. The Hip Flexor Stretch – Start in lunge stance with hips in neutral and rib-cage down. Put pressure in the front heel, squeeze the glute on the stretched leg, and press only the hip forward.

Chest Stretch - Stand in a doorway with the shoulders down in the joints. Hold your arms out and lean in keeping the ribcage down. Feel your chest opening.

Scapula Pinches -Sit or stand tall, with the shoulders down. Pinch the shoulder blades together and move the head up and back keeping the chin parallel with the floor. Hold for a count of one to five, then repeat.

The whole topic of sitting too much is sure to draw more fire and new suggestions as doctors and scientists now tell us we should be trying to cut sitting time back from eight to four hours a day.

Then the whole issue of leisure time sitting comes up too with more suggestions for less screen time and more walking, running, standing time in the evenings. What happens in new devices, screen options, and other health innovations will be interesting to watch and try. We all have the message and now we just have to work on the assignment. Don’t be a desk jockey!

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