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Worst Foods for Effective Weight Loss

So you've made your new year’s resolution to lose weight and become a healthier you. But has it been a challenge to see any change on the scale? It may be hard for you to lose weight at the beginning stages of working out and eating well. While it may be a challenge to make a healthy transition when it comes to our eating habits, it will be a make or break situation when it comes to losing weight.

If you choose to work out between three to five days a week, but haven't changed your eating regime to a healthier one, it'll be hard to see any major difference in your body.

Read below to find out the worst foods for weight loss, and what to avoid eating when trimming down your waist line.

Whole Milk

Milk is a great asset to building strong bones, while adding protein and calcium to our diet. But drinking whole milk may actually make you gain pounds instead of losing them. When opting to drink milk, choose low-fat or fat-free and that will limit your calories dramatically.


It is so hard to cut out those tempting salty snacks, especially chips! But those are the snacks that will have you backtracking on your weight loss plan. We all have our cheat days, but if you can avoid chips that will be the best option!


Although potatoes may be nutritious, they pack a lot of calories! When you are looking to cut calories, no matter if they are fried or baked, try to exclude potatoes from your diet.

Refined grains

Anything that is made with all-purpose flour, is not only a lot of calories but lacks any kind of essential nutrient for a healthier you! Avoid foods like white rice, white bread and white pasta.

Sweetened Beverages

It can be so tempting to grab a soda or other sugary drink when you are at the movies, out with friends or even just watching TV at home. But the biggest problem with drinks loaded with sugar, is how addictive they are. Once you start drinking a soda or two a day, that quickly increases to several drinks a day and that quickly adds up in the calorie department!

Fruit Juice

Many people are quick to drink fruit juice, thinking that they are getting their daily recommendations of vitamins for the day. Unfortunately that is not the case! Fruit juice is loaded with sugar and other additives, which quickly offset the vitamins and natural fruit juice that it contains.


If you have a sweet tooth, you may find it hard to cut out those tempting cookies and cupcakes at the office. Although you should try to cut out as much desserts and other sweet treats as you can, if you have a cheat day once a week with one cookie or cupcake, it won't be too bad! Just remember moderation is key!

Processed Meats

When it comes to living healthier, it is not only the outside that is important but also keeping our vital organs healthy. Eating processed meats including hot dogs, bacon and deli meat may increase your risk of heart disease, along with a larger waist line.

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